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Mireille Enos reveals she still wants to make World War Z 2. The movie, which released in 2013, has been a box office hit for Paramount, grossing an impressive $540 million. Although World War Z departed considerably from the Max Brooks novel it was based on, the film was met with a warm reception from critics and viewers. These developments came as a shock due to the fact the movie faced a litany of production issues, causing many to think the final product would be underwhelming.

World War Z followed a previous United Nations employee named Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), who travels the world to explore a deadly virus that’s infecting worldwide inhabitants, turning people into flesh-eating zombies. The film was directed by Marc Forster and starred Pitt, Enos, Matthew Fox, Peter Capaldi, and Ruth Negga, Amongst Others. Obviously, due to the film’s financial success, World War Z 2 was in development at Paramount before the studio ultimately pulled the plug because of budget concerns. The movie was set to be helmed by acclaimed director David Fincher, but it never came to pass. But, Enos shared she would still love to go back for a second part.

In a new part of The Big Ticket podcast for Variety, Enos shared her desire to return for World War Z 2 and her expectation that the sequel has made. Enos said, “We’re all lined up to go. We’d Fincher, we had a gorgeous script, and after that, it just didn’t happen. ” She went on to say, “It seems like such a shame for it not to be made. The first one was so great. ”

Although the sequel was closed down during pre-production, it has been revealed exactly what Fincher’s World War Z 2 could have been about. Like the first film, the sequel was experiencing production problems before it was shut down, where it confronted delays as a result of the state of the script along with Pitt and Fincher’s busy schedules. Since Paramount stopped the next part, there haven’t been any significant updates on the condition of the sequel, leaving fans to wonder whether it is going ever to see the light of day.

The action-packed zombie film was a nice surprise when it hit theatres, providing an experience with a terrific twist from Pitt in the lead role. Making a splash in the zombie genre is not a simple undertaking, but World War Z was able to stand firmly on its own two feet and distinguish itself from the dull herd. Although the original movie’s ending was changed, it still left the door open for a sequel, and with a gifted director like Fincher would have been exciting. Though it doesn’t appear the sequel will occur anytime soon, it’s comforting to listen to Enos talk about the script and overall job highly. Hopefully, Paramount will see the need for World War Z 2 and finally deliver the sequel fans have been craving for ages.

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