The times are quite difficult for many for fears of the deadly pandemic causing infection, but for a majority of the population the fears have taken a backseat to other priorities. Many working-class citizens have been laid off and taken to receiving unemployment checks. Large companies have had to sadly let go of many of their precious employees to keep the company running. Finances and Economy have been said to be the biggest worrying causes currently as many are trying to figure out how to pay the next month’s rent.

So many are relying on the stimulus checks they can receive from the government if they fit into certain criteria. There are also those who are exempt from these checks and there are other reasons they might not receive their checks. Read ahead to find out more about the stimulus checks and why some might not receive them.

What are Stimulus Checks?

While some billionaires are getting even richer with the pandemic and lockdown, many of the citizens in the USA are fearing for their livelihoods as their lack of money leaves them between choosing for rent, food, and other necessities. The government in an effort to help these people had decided to send checks to help them survive and keep their families alive and well. The amount of $1200 has been controversial amongst both the parties as the democrats believe the amount should be larger and Senator Bernie Sanders had announced previously that according to him the amount should be $2000. Over 80 Million Americans are said to have been selected for the Stimulus Act and will receive the amount. The amount was decidedly sent via Direct Deposit instead of a physical check preventing further widespread of the disease.

Why Some Aren’t Getting The Stimulus Checks?

Some US Citizens aren’t receiving their checks even though they are paying their taxes. The government has stated that it won’t send the stimulus checks to people in foreign addresses and to those accounts not affiliated to US banks. Many students, elderly and disabled people have been exempt from the CARES Stimulus Act as well. Immigrants without a Social Security Number will also not receive the money. High-wage earners earning over $99,000 have been excluded from the act. Students who are 17 or older will also not receive the $1200 check. People with low incomes not filing income taxes are also on the list of people that will not receive the care package.

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