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Venom: Let There Be Carnage will need to provide the villain symbiote a different source to the one from the comics, but it could nevertheless make Carnage into Venom’s son. The alien symbiote Venom had its high-value introduction in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, with Topher Grace playing Eddie Brock, but it did not have the success the studio had been expecting. The film was packed with villains and subplots, and aesthetically, Venom just wasn’t the personality fans wanted to see. Luckily, Eddie and Venom got a second chance years later and got their own solo picture, today with Tom Hardy as the lead.

Venom tells the origin story of the title character, from its arrival on Earth to its bonding by journalist Eddie Brock through an evaluation of the experiments at Life Foundation involving people and symbiotic life form. When the symbiote bonds with Eddie, it manifests about his own body as a monstrous animal and grants him a few special skills, such as enhanced physical strength. Together, they go after Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), the Life Foundation leader, and Riot, the symbiote he secured with. Although Venom wasn’t well-received by critics, it was a major box office hit, prompting Sony to greenlight a sequel, titled Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

The mid-credits scene in Venom teased Carnage’s coming, another symbiote who at the comics famously ensured with serial killer Cletus Kasady. The scene in question watched Eddie Brock back inactivity for a journalist and coming at San Quentin prison to interview Kasady (Woody Harrelson), who warned him that”there is gonna be carnage.” It was later confirmed that Kasady and Carnage would be the villains of Venom 2 (made evident sometime later with the show of the film’s official name ). Still, provided that the first film gave Eddie and the symbiote a different story than at the comic book, Carnage’s origins will surely be different. However, the symbiotes could still be father-and-son in some way.

Carnage Is Venom’s Son In Marvel Comics

During Eddie Brock’s story in the comic strips, Venom got him into a great deal of trouble. Both bonded after Brock sank into a profound depression that had him considering suicide, and while he sought solace at the church where Spider-Man repelled the symbiote, Venom felt Brock’s hatred for the web-slinger, and thus bonded with him. Collectively they fought Spider-Man many occasions, together with Venom repeatedly attempting to kill Parker, no matter if he was in costume or not. At one stage during their many fights and crimes, Eddie ended up in prison, together with Venom helping him escape and leaving a spawn — Carnage.

During this time period, Venom had other offsprings — Riot, Agony, Phage, Lasher, and Scream — but Carnage’s bonding with Kasady is what’s made him not only the most memorable of Venom’s children but also the deadliest one, and a frequent enemy of both Spider-Man and Venom. Due to the symbiote’s alien mindset, Venom held no emotional attachment to Carnage, and though it could sense and monitor all of its offsprings, Carnage learned how to block this ability after bonding with Kasady, thereby rendering it an even larger threat.

2018’S Venom Movie Means Carnage’s Origins Can’t Be The Same

In the comics, during a struggle against Styx and Stone and Spider-Man, Venom was severely hurt and disengaged from Eddie Brock, who was then sent to Ryker’s Island Prison. Venom continued to be connected to Eddie (in soul instead of human anatomy ), and once it healed, it aided Eddie escape — and that’s when it abandoned an offspring in prison. Kasady was Brock’s cellmate, so Carnage was easy to bond with him, thus making the symbiote more violent, strong, and fatal than Venom.

Now, Eddie Brock was not sent to prison at Venom, and by the end of the film, he was making his return in journalism and continued to be ensured to Venom, unbeknownst to those around him, especially Anne Weying (Michelle Williams), his ex-fiancée. As Riot’s source in Venom was different from the one from the comic book, Carnage’s will also need to be different, simply because Eddie Brock and Venom are free, although Kasady is in prison.

How Carnage Can Still Be Venom’s Son In Venom 2

Although Eddie Brock, Venom, and Cletus Kasady have been in different areas, there are still ways in which Carnage could be Venom’s son in Venom 2. The simplest one and also the closest to the comic books would be Venom departing an onslaught during one of Brock’s interviews with Kasady, though the exact reason it would render it there’s a mystery, as Venom changed its plans of destruction following bonding with Eddie. Another chance, and very different from the source material, is Venom producing its offspring so that it can bond together with Michelle Williams’ Anne Weying — after all, Venom did so in the very first film so they could free Brock later he was captured by Drake’s people.

As all of the symbiotes brought to Earth in Venom expired (except for good old Venom, obviously ), it is unknown where Carnage will come from. However, there’s still a possibility he will be Venom’s son, exactly like in the comics — that which remains a mystery is Venom’s reasons for getting an offspring now that it had a change of heart. Finally, fans will get to view the Venom vs. Carnage battle they have been expecting since the very first film was declared, and the link between them will surely heighten their competition.

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