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Giri/Haji has been among the exciting new BBC dramas of all 2019, captivating audiences with its unique storytelling and stunning style and enabling audiences around the nation to fall in love with its excellent characters.

The series was so great, in actuality, that some enthusiasts are currently opting for another series and yield to Kenzo (Takehiro Hira), Sarah (Kelly Macdonald), et al., with many carrying to social websites to make their feelings known.

Giri/Haji season 2: When will it release?

Unfortunately, as matters stand, nothing was confirmed regarding additional incidents, even though neither has got the prospect of another run been disregarded.

The series does wrap up quite neatly, and there is no explicit setting up of another series. Therefore, there to be many more episodes, they’d most probably have to pay a new situation, instead of picking up the warfare between rival Yakuza gangs that Yuto was caught up.

Giri/Haji season 2

Nevertheless, the last episode’s events indeed don’t completely rule out a recurrence, and it could be especially interesting to catch up with Rodney (Will Sharpe), that had been a fan favorite throughout the initial show that endured enormous sadness towards its ending.

We would be entirely behind a spin-off series featuring Rodney and Taki merely getting up to mischief about Soho – except for only now, we will have to wait and watch…

Giri/Haji is accessible to see today on BBC iPlayer at the United Kingdom and Netflix from the US

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