Are you guys looking for a new aquarium pet? If yes then you should try keeping sea monkeys as they’re not dangerous. They are fun to watch. For the people who are not aware of what sea monkeys are, don’t worry, I have got answers to your question.

I need to make one thing clear, just because they’re called sea monkeys, doesn’t mean they are found in the sea. There are so many species inside the ocean, who are ready to eat them, so it’s not safe for them.

The suffix word ‘monkey’, doesn’t mean they look like monkeys.  They are called sea monkeys because their tail is similar to a monkey’s tail. It is said that the sea monkeys live only for two years.

You might be surprised after reading this. Sea monkeys were not always called that. When they were first invented, they were called ‘Instant Life’.

When Were Sea Monkeys Invented?

They were originated back in the year 1957 by Harold Von Braunchut. Sea Monkeys are basically a hybrid breed of brine shrimp called Arkmia NYOS. As I mentioned before, when it was invented, it was called Instant Life but after a few years, in 1962 they were named Sea Monkeys.

When sea monkeys were new to the world, people never really liked them and preferred not to buy them. They weren’t sure if they were dangerous. Later as years passed, people became aware of them because Harold started publishing them in the ads in the comic so that people can be aware of them and purchase them.

You will get to see a lot of people nowadays having sea monkeys as their pets at home. it’s so common nowadays.

Do You Want to Know a Fact?

  • Sea monkeys are actually born with one eye but as they grow, the second eye pops out.
  • They can grow only up to 15mm
  • These creatures are a bit different from other sea animals. Sea monkeys breathe through their feet which is very different from other animals.
  • Most of the sea animals don’t prefer light as there won’t be much sunlight in the ocean but sea monkeys are attracted to lights which are again different from the other sea animals.

Are Sea Monkeys Edible?

Most of you will have this doubt whether they’re edible or not. It’s not really harmful to eat sea monkeys but it’s good if we don’t eat them and instead keep them as pets at our home.

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