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Not a lot of people could’ve predicted Venom’s phenomenal box office success. While it wasn’t awarded the kindest critical reviews, filmgoers globally came out in droves to watch Tom Hardy’s take on the popular antagonistic/anti-hero Marvel character (although everybody’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man was nowhere to be found). Following the money, Sony gave the green light Venom two , which was later officially titled Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Details surrounding the plot and what we could expect from this blockbuster sequel are few and far between, but here is what we know about it at the moment.

The Current Release Date Is June 25th, 2021

Venom: Let There Be Carnage is currently slated to be released on June 25th, 2021. The sequel was initially scheduled to hit theaters on October 2, 2020, but the date has been pushed back due to the health crisis. There’s no guarantee that it’ll come from June 2021, but we’ll see!

Cast and characters

The main cast includes:

Tom Hardy as Venom/ Eddie

Woody Harrelson as Carnage

Michele Williams as Anne

Reid Scott as Dan

Naomie Harris as Shriek

However, new faces can also be expected.

Storyleaks Of Venom 2

The gore is probably there and is presumably suitable as an adversary withinside the following part. So Venom is presumably immediately on by and large along his so-alluded to as buddy withinside the funniest rendition of this world.

But on the off possibility that we earlier insinuated sort of the universe, therefore we can envision the coming of Spider-Man withinside the film. On the contrary, the danger that we’re going withinside the correct path, by then, we could anticipate every Venom and Carnage rejoined to handle Spider-Man such as withinside the prior stories.

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