US casinos are re-opening and demand aid in the recovering process

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Casinos re-opened and running with strict restrictions

COVID-19 has greatly affected many different industries all around the world. One of them is the casino and gambling industry in the U.S. As things are getting a little better, many industries are trying to get back. After a long pause to the casinos, finally, they have opened in the U.S. However, the casinos want regulatory and tax relief in the time of the recovering process. The total amount of tax revenue from the casinos is more than $2 billion. The government has already lost this amount for four months in the lockdown. 


More than 90% of casinos have reopened in the U.S. They are operating under restrictions. It will help to slow the virus spread and stay safe. It slowed down the revenue of all casinos, and they are seeking financial aid. According to the national trade group of the gambling industry, financial aid is necessary for both workers and casinos. American Gaming Association President Bill Miller also said that the industry needs a hand for recovery. He said this in the online G2E conference in the pandemic. 


Miller added, the gaming industry has never experienced such a situation in the past. Closing the casinos at the time of the pandemic caused a great loss. All the workers and their families faced a very hard time losing the job. They had to go through a difficult time to survive without jobs and money. So, both the government, workers, and casinos got affected a lot. Detroit lost more than $600,000 as tax revenue every day for four months. People are still hesitating to visit although the casinos are opened again. The number of customers has decreased a lot in the time of the pandemic.


The industry is looking forward to getting financial support from the government. They have already received a good amount of relief funds that helped them to reopen. Along with financial aid, the casinos are also trying to get liability protection. It will help them prevention from sue. The government has not taken any decisions yet on it. Approving it will save many jobs of the workers and help the casino industry. It will also boost customer travel and increase visitors to the casinos. Casino owners are hoping that they will receive financial aid from officials. 

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