US airstrike allegedly kills seven al-Qaeda leaders in Syria immediately after second-in-commander killed in Afghanistan

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According to some of the latest reports, America believes that they killed the seven senior leaders of al-Qaeda. US Central Command claimed this in one of the meetings that took place near the Turkey border. Major Beth Riordan, Central Command representative said they arranged the strike in Idlib. On 22 October, in northwest Syria, the airstrike took place although she cannot remember their names. She even mentioned that the death of the leaders would discontinue the al-Qaeda team. The planning and plotting of global attacks and threatening the lives of U.S. citizens finally ended.

Updates on the al-Qaeda team and the airstrike

Beth Riordan mentioned that Syria always suffers from unstable conditions, both politically and socially. Therefore, it became possible for the terrorists to design safe haven for the locals to carry out terrorist activities. She added that their allies and partners would eventually erase all the terrorist organizations, including AQ. While making the statement, Riordan did not mention the number of fatalities.

One of the British-based Observatory reported that the strike was targeting dinner meeting. The dinner meeting included all the jihadists of Jakara in the Salqin area. It is one of the famous villages in Syria. It is the last major bastion. Hayat Tahrir al-Sham group. An al-Qaeda affiliate as well as rebel allies led the group. Chief Rami Abdel Rahman mentioned that almost five non-Syrian jihadists died in the airstrike. However, the nationalities of the non-Syrians are yet to be known.

The members received an invitation to one of the dinner meetings. Rami Abdel Rahman added that the meeting had leaders who did not support HTS. Apart from that, people who did not like the Russia-Turkish deals were also there. All these things led to a fragile truce in Idlib. Idlib is one of the most infamous regions in Syria and is not under government control. Almost three million people reside in this region.

This region constantly gets threats by the Syrian government troops by President Bashar Assad. On the other hand, the Turkish troops constantly bringing in more troops in the area. Apart from that, the US military even conducted an airstrike in Idlib on 15 October. As per the US military officials, Joint Special Operations Command carried out the drone strike.

Afghanistan on Sunday claimed that they killed one of the top al-Qaeda propagandists. He was on the list of FBI’s most wanted for quite a long time. Along with him, other most-wanted members of al-Qaeda died as well.

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