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It’s never easy to turn an old TV series to a modern-day success, but Netflix was able to pull off the impossible with a stellar reboot of this iconic 1965 science fiction show Lost in Space. After two seasons, fans all over the world have enjoyed heading out of this world adventures with the Robinsons, and its safe to presume everyone is eagerly awaiting release orders on Lost in Space season 3.

Luckily subscribers won’t have to travel to the far reaches of the galaxy or wait for a lifetime for the next chapter of their family adventure space saga.

The streaming system was excited to announce that Lost in Space season 3 is officially happening, and it’ll serve as the Netflix originals’ farewell tour.

That’s right, space explorers, the journey is coming to an end when Lost in Space season 3 touches back on the streaming services. It’ll be interesting to see how they shut things out, given how spectacular and enthralling the show has been thus far.

Lost in Space Season 3: Release Date

Now that we have official confirmation from Netflix control that Lost in Space season 3 is a go for release, the question on everyone’s mind is when the last outing blast off?

The Robinsons family space robot and the streaming giant announced to everybody that the final chapter in the Lost in Space trilogy would release at 2021.

The production on Lost in Space season 3 has been slated to start on September 9 and complete on January 14, 2021. Thus far, it is unknown if they are back in action or if that time table was changed due to the COVID-19 situation.

If they can pull Lost in Space season 3 a while within or near this window, then a 2021 release date is still a very likely possibility. It does because fans will probably be missing if they need to wait too long for the previous season.

Lost in Space Season 3: Cast

Despite nothing being published concerning the cast of Lost in Space season 3, it is safe to assume that the main players will probably be back in action. I mean, you can’t do Lost in Space without the Robinsons.

The most relaxed space parents in adolescent Maureen, played by Molly Parker and John, depicted by Toby Stephens, will most assuredly return. The children of the Robinson family, Taylor Russell’s Judy, Maxwell Jenkins’ Will, and Mina Sundwall’s Penny will all return for much more intergalactic endeavors.

Sibongile Mlambo was upgraded to series regular for season two, and it’d be odd if Angela was not back for Lost in Space season 3. Parker Posey and Ignacio Serricchio will also return as the villainous personas of Netflix’s first show.

There will most likely be plenty of new and familiar faces when Lost in Space season 3, eventually release, and fans will be excited to see who makes the cut when it’s all done and said.

Lost in Space season 3 Synopsis

Nothing official has been released concerning the synopsis of Lost in Space season, and it’s probably a fantastic idea to never expect one to release anytime soon. Although nothing is set in stone, given what we do know, savvy fans have a pretty good idea of what will happen next time around.

Lost in Space season 3 will serve as the final run of the rebooted sci-fi series, and believing that was the plan from the beginning, it may look fans are in for very looking conclusion subscribers will not want to miss. Showrunner Zack Estrin posted on Twitter his thoughts on closing out things and spoke with Cheat Sheet back in 2019 about where things would wind up and the future of this franchise.

The last flight will most certainly pick up where the last one left off. The end of season 2 saw the kids, and the family separates and take unique paths that will undoubtedly be researched in Lost in Space season 3. Judy flew the Jupiter 2 to Alpha Centauri to protect the kids in the attacking robot military that John, Maureen, and Scarecrow remained behind to fight. Estrin talked with Den of Geek, providing fans a hint at what’s to come.

Considering everything that has happened so far from the first two seasons and all of the things we understand so much, Lost in Space season 3 is turning out into a Netflix originals show that subscribers will not want to miss.

Lost in Space season 3 Trailer

At this moment, Netflix hasn’t dropped any trailer for Lost in Space season 3, and considering production has not even started yet, and it is safe to presume that you will not descend out of the cosmos anytime soon. When the streaming powerhouse provides the highly coveted teaser, we will be sure to discuss it with everybody.


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