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Over a decade after, the action-adventure match collection, Uncharted developed by Naughty Dog and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment, is defined to get its very own live-action film in theatres soon.

The film explores the close-knit connection between a treasure hunter, Nathan Drake, along with his father-figure, buddy Victor Sullivan in their pursuit of escapades.

Release Date Of Uncharted

Initially, Uncharted was scheduled for released on June 10, 2016, which was later changed to December 18, 2020, by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Tom Holland, the movie’s hero, along with his schedule with the creation of Spider-Man 3, have pushed deadlines.

Despite all of the upheavals, the film is at the pre-production stage and prepared to hit the USA theatre screens on October 8, 2021.

Cast of Uncharted

The character of Nathan Drake has been played with Marvel-hit celebrity Tom Holland with the real friend of all the character.

Sophia Ali, Tati Gabrielle, and Antonio Banderas are part of the cast however the roles’ allotment remains undisclosed.

Plot of Uncharted

The film acts as a prequel. In his interview with IGN for his most recent fantasy movie, Onward, Tom Holland spoke about his ties to Uncharted.

“I believe what’Uncharted’ provides that many video games movies do not is the fact that it’s an origin story to the matches… If you played the games, then you have not seen what is going to happen in the movie. And in case you haven’t played the games, then you are likely to enjoy the movie as it’s advice that everybody else is becoming at precisely the same moment.”

Trailer of Uncharted


As of this moment, the studios have not published any trailer. The film remains stuck in its pre-production stage.

Interesting Insights

Tom Holland knew Tom for the same and landed his character when he’d diminished the script. In his Instagram movie with Justin Beiber, Tom commented about his movie’s advancement.

“I am doing this film called’Uncharted,’ that will be based on a video game, we ended up for the first day of shooting, and they closed us down.”

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