Two firefighters injured and almost one lakh people forced to leave their house in California due to wildfire

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On Monday, two firefighters suffered a poor injury as they were fighting against the wildfire in California. The state officials ordered almost one lakh of people to leave their houses and evacuate the nearby area. The wildfire in Orange County went out of control. Both the workers faced grave injuries while they were fighting against the Silverado fire. It was experiencing terrible fire weather, which led to the immensely fast-moving blazes. As per some of the latest reports, both the workers have a second and third degree. Half of their body suffered damage and are intubated.

More updates on the wildfire in Orange County

According to the latest reports, the fire broke out on Monday around 6.47 in the morning. By the evening, the wildfire burnt almost 7200 acres of land. The state authorities have classified the fire as completely uncontained. It broke out near the Santa Ana Mountain foothills situated near Irvine city.

The second Blue Ridge Fire broke out near Chino Hills State Park. It is situated almost thirty-five miles away to the south of Los Angeles downtown. Orange County fire authority immediately began with the evacuation work after the fire broke out. Almost 117 homes were under evacuation by the evening.

One of the houses suffered major damages. On top of that, almost three thousand acres of land damaged due to wildfires. People now are living in problems as the houses are out of power connection. In addition, the state authorities stopped the power supply for preventing further accidents and damage on Monday. As per Pacific Gas and Electric, almost one million people have to flee from their houses. By Monday, almost three lakh houses are running out of power supply.

The University of California suspended campus operations due to the fire breakout. Along with that, the hazardous gases, smoke, and dust can take a toll on thousands of students and faculty members. The strong winds were further making the fire rage throughout Orange County. Therefore, the firefighters faced extreme difficulty while fighting against it. Christina Shea, Irvine’s mayor requested everyone to cooperate with the evacuation orders.

The mayor is concerned about the safety of the citizens. Above all, the city arranged for open care as well as reception facilities for the displaced residents. Out of all the open care and reception facilities, three were already full by Monday afternoon. Another wildfire broke out the northeast of Silverado Fire in Orange County hills. It is near Yorba and Corona.

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