Truck driver allegedly kills cop and protestors attacks police since BLM demonstrators swarm Philadelphia

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Monday night was a horror for the locals in Philadelphia as the police shots a twenty-seven year’s black man. He was carrying a knife while the domestic disturbance call was in progress. Soon after the attack, rioting and vandalism began on the streets of Philadelphia. The boiling anger soon broke out into a massive riot near Philadelphia Police 18th District building. Many officers injured with bricks as well as sharp objects. A crowd of demonstrators was firing up, as the 27 years man was dead due to a gunshot.

Updates on the riots in Philadelphia on Monday

Due to the riots, almost thirty officers got hurt and twelve taken to the hospital. Among the thirty officers, one was a female officer. The fifty-six years old officers suffered a fractured leg after someone hit her with a pickup truck. All these things took place the entire night as the riot started taking a bad turn.

Apart from the massive riots, the locals reported about multiple loots throughout the city. About thirty people are already in the lockup for creating an emergency in Philadelphia. Starting from the shore stress to the clothing outlets, many stores suffered damage. Along with that, people even set the local car on fire. Even the mobs set a police vehicle along with a cop on fire.

Locals set five police vehicles and one fire department vehicle on fire. All these things happened since the police shot dead the twenty-seven years old Walter Wallace. He was suffering from serious mental issues. Near Locust Street, around four in the evening, police officials killed him while the domestic call was in progress.

As per the city cops, after their arrival, the man was carrying a knife.  They were asking Wallace to drop the weapon, but he did not. After that, two officers had to open Wallace multiple times for the safety of the locals. Soon after that, the officers took him to the hospital; however, he died later on.

Many bystanders made a video on the incident when the cops were addressing Wallace to drop the weapon. In the meantime, a woman, believed as Wallace’s mother came running towards Wallace. In one of the videos made by a bystander, she was requesting the police not to shoot him. However, as the officers thought that he could pose threat to others, they immediately shot at least fourteen bullets.

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