Top Hike Sticker Chat Top 5 features introduced

Although WhatsApp is still the fastest messaging platform, competitors like Hike Sticker Chat (formerly known as Hike Messenger) are not too late.

This is at least true in introducing new features to make the conversation fun and secure.

For the past one year, the company has been seeking to create a new social feature that uses artificial intelligence for a more personalized experience. Here are the top 5 features to be launched on the platform in 2019.

In November of this year, Hike launched HighCoMoji. These personalized emojis are something anyone can use to express themselves.

Either way, the Highmoji AR Emoji is similar to the Samsung, Animoji and Memoji phones on the Apple iPhone.

There are over 100 exclusive stickers in English and Hindi and 7 regional languages. You can also create your own custom version.

Simply click on a selfie using the option to create a highcompie in the app. When you’re done, you can create the character by adding clothing, sunglasses, caps and facial features such as beards, hairstyles and more.

Once you create a Hiccogi avatar, you can use the same thing to express yourself in your chat conversation.

Users usually format their phones before switching to a new phone or before the current one starts to slow down.

These are the times when they lose other data like chat conversations and photos and videos. With the Auto Backup feature, users no longer have to worry about losing data.

Automatic backup happens instantly, consumes no data, and is better than local storage. In addition, you can easily switch between Android and iOS using all your data that WhatsApp does not provide.

Walk the web

HikeWeb lets you stay in touch with your friends and follow chat conversations from your computer or laptop web browser.

Unlike WhatsApp, since phone web chat requires an internet connection, it is not the same here. After logging on to the Hike Web, even if your phone is off, you can still continue your conversation without worry.

Adhesive tips and more

The Hike Sticker Chat launched in April of this year, keeping your conversations interesting. This reduces keyboard dependency on composing a message.

And with features like artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can get poster suggestions, fast followings, quick answers, and text options on stickers by adding a fun element to your conversation.

According to recent figures released by Hike, Sticky Chat now includes 2 million weekly active users in less than a year, as users spend more than 33 minutes a day in chat conversations.

Chat is safe

The privacy and security of your chat conversations are always important this In August this year, Hike Messenger introduced 128-bit AES and 2048-bit RSA encryption. This ensures that all your data and chat conversations are protected and encrypted.

India’s first native messaging platform, Hike Messenger, makes it easy for people to communicate and communicate with each other on messaging platforms. Let’s look at five amazing hike features that make Hike more than just a messaging app:

Lift sticker

Hike has a library of about 20,000 stickers in 40+ native languages. These posters are exchanged for over 300 million a day. To further localize the experience, Hi has posters that reflect both Holi, Diwali and other national and regional festivals.

Running height

A hike run measures how many steps you take each day, and lets you share the results with your friends. When you reset the counter daily, you can compare your past performance and learn how to improve your numbers over time.

To make things even more exciting, Hike Run maintains a daily dashboard, visible only on your personal network, encouraging you to stay on top.

Blue beam

Blue Packs is a beautifully designed envelope where users can enter money, send money to their friends, and surprise them with private messages and filters.

Blue packets can be evenly split between all members of the group and when the transmission ends in 24 hours! By introducing the Blue Packet, Hike has changed the way people send and receive money, and it is now more fun and interesting.

Hidden mode

Focusing on the 15- to 24-year-old category, Hyde mode is one of the popular features that Hike has created. It allows users to quickly and elegantly hide their conversations.

Text on stickers

First Message App to Provide Text on Hike Stickers! This is an amazing feature that allows any user-typed text to be transformed into a cool poster to make chats more lively.

Wear face mask pollution mask

Since Delhi is covered with smoke, Hike has provided a filter with a pollution mask.

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