At the age of two, Tiger’s father started to train him in golf. His father was also a well-known golfer. Further, Tiger took professional training in golfing and in the year 1996, he became a professional golfer. In the year 1997, Tiger won the first golfing tournament, named, Masters. After his first victory, he earned a lot of fame and popularity in the U.S. Later, in the year 2005, he won six PGA Tour money events. In the year 2006, he achieved 56 wins in one match.


Net worth of Phil Mickelson

The net worth of Phil Mickelson is around $400. Like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson is also an American professional golfer. He was born on June 16, 1970, in San Diego, California, United States. His father was a pilot, named, Philip Mickelson. However, Phil also learned the basics of golfing from his father. Phil completed his school education from San Diego High School. Later, he pursued professional training in golf. He won many awards in golfing. In NCCA individual championship, Phil won three awards. Later, he also won three Haskins Awards.

Net worth of Tiger Woods

The net worth of Tiger Woods is approximately $800 in the year 2020. Tiger Woods is an American golfer and Cypress. He is very well known for his sports. Also, Tiger is one of the best golfers in America. His original name is Eldrick Tont Woods. He was born on December 30, 1975, in Cypress, California, United States. ┬áLater, Tiger was his nickname honouring his father’s friend.

After his victory, he was announced as the College Golfer of the year. Turning to his professional life, his first winning tournament is Northern Telecom Open in the year 1991. However, Phil won many tournaments. He is one of the best and finest golfers in the U.S. As Phil won many tournaments, he earned a lot of money in the form of prize.


Tiger Woods Earn more than Phil Mickelson

Tiger Woods’s net worth is noticeably more than the net worth of Phil Mickelson. Both of them are the finest and talented golfers of the U.S. They both compete with each other in tournaments. Woods earned a lot from his tournaments and has the highest net worth than any other golfers in the U.S. However, Phil uses his net worth for many good works like charity. As Tiger started his professional career in the year 1996, Phil won six tournaments by that time. Though Phil started winning tournaments very earlier than Tiger, today the net worth of Tiger is very much greater than Phil.

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