The OA Season 3 Release Date and Cast Fans Are Excited to Know

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The show revolves around Prairie Johnson, a young woman who shows up after being missing for seven years. The situation turns even more complex when Prairie calls herself The OA or The Original Angel. She has scars on her back and can now see even though she was blind when she went missing.

The OA first released on Netflix on December 16 of 2016. The show was created and produced by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij. The show currently has two seasons and both consist of 8 episodes each. The creators of OA had decided to create the show in 5 parts and therefore 5 seasons.

What is The OA About?

The OA returns after being missing for seven years but refuses to provide answers to the FBI. She instead moves to recruit five locals into her team, revealing to them her truth and her story. She asks them for help with finding the other missing people who can open a portal to another dimension.

The show’s next season was announced soon and named Part II. In Part II, we see The OA as she passes on to the other dimension and turns up in San Francisco in her efforts to search for the missing people. Surreal mysteries of the missing people surround her as she tries to solve them and help them get back home to their own worlds.

Who Is The Cast Of The OA?

The lead of The OA is Brit Marling as Prairie Johnson, The Original Angel. We see Emory Cohen in the role of Homer Roberts and Scott Wilson as Abel Johnson. The role of Betty was played by the renowned Phyllis Smith. Alice Krige plays the role of Nancy Johnson, Prairie’s adoptive mother.

Is There A The OA Season 3? Is The Show Cancelled Or Renewed?

The show ending on a cliffhanger has been truly horrific for fans. The fans have been waiting for the next installment of The OA but have been dreading the eventual news for the renewal of the show. It was a while before any news came for the renewal of the show after its second season. The news was not joyous though as the show had eventually been canceled as Netflix decided against renewing the show.

The news came in March of 2019 and fans are just as upset as they rewatch the 16 chapters still up on Netflix. Since the show has been canceled there is no season 3 to expect from Netflix.

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