Kumail Nanjiani has risen quite rapidly from his former position as a lesser-known Comedian and has now transcended into an actor with a wide range of roles under his belt. His recognition and fame and came for many in a surprising Instagram post in which he shared with his fans, the tough journey he underwent to gain a muscular and well-built body for his role in Marvel’s The Eternals. The glow-up was a wake-up call for many that they need to follow this genius of a man and check out some of his work.

Kumail’s latest project is The Lovebirds releasing on 22nd May of 2020 on Netflix is a Rom-Com movie and involves a couple going through a slightly rocky relationship. Kumail portrays the role of Jibran and Issa Rae acts as Leilani. They are the lovebirds who are admittedly on the brink of breaking up. Their incessant fighting takes a backseat as they are somehow thrust into a murder mystery which they must solve to clear themselves of suspicion. As they uncover the plot of the murder, they must figure out they themselves and their relationship can survive this thrilling ride.

The movie itself boasts quite the chemistry between these actors but fails to deliver on an authentic feeling in the plot. The mystery murder wrapping the couple feels slightly farfetched for many in the audience who have given mixed reviews to The Lovebirds.

Who’s Starring in Lovebirds?

Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae have genuinely good chemistry in their roles as couple portraying Jibran and Leilani. We see Paul Sparks in the role of Moustache and Anna Camp as Edie. We see Kyle Bornheimer as Brett in The Lovebirds. Barry Rothbart and Catherine Cohen play the role of Mr. and Mrs. Hipster. Andrene-Ward Hammond plays the role of Detective Martin.

Is There A The Lovebirds 2 Coming?

The movie has received less than stellar reviews since its time of release a week prior. The audience has undoubtedly been reduced due to the lockdown during the pandemic. The film was initially set to run across theaters on April 3rd but was postponed since the lockdown. It was set to release on Netflix on May 22nd since it could not have a possible theater release. The movie having average ratings does not give it a major chance to have a sequel. The movie seems to be a standalone and although Netflix could resurrect the project, there is no news as of yet for the sequel. The movie launch hasn’t had enough time on screens to warrant a sequel already. We can only wait to see if this movie will have a sequel. Meanwhile, here is the trailer for the movie.

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