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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are eyeing to star in director Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel. Both childhood friends had their big break together if they won Oscars for 1997’s Good Will Hunting. In the decades since, the two have carved out successful careers for themselves, appearing in a huge array of projects which range from dramas (Argo), activity films (the Bourne franchise), and superhero films (Batman V Superman). And despite their inseparable bond, Damon and Affleck have not collaborated on a brand new movie since Good Will Hunting all those years ago.

That was not for lack of trying. In 2013, the pair wanted to make a Whitey Bulger biopic, with Affleck directing and Damon starring as the notorious Boston mobster. Unfortunately, that job fell by the wayside when Warner Bros. has chosen to go with Scott Cooper’s Whitey Bulger film Black Volume (starring Johnny Depp). They then attempted to adapt the infamous McDonald’s Monopoly scam story to film, but there’s been no word on this because of last summer. Now, they may have finally found something.

Damon and Affleck may star in The Last Duel, together with Scott directing. Based on Eric Jager’s novel, the movie is a 14th-century revival tale after two buddies who struggle with each other in France’s last legal duel. In addition to portraying the two buddies at the story’s center, Affleck and Damon would co-write the script with Nicole Holofcener (Can You Ever Forgive Me? ). Scott, keeping ever busy in his senior years, will be prepared to delay Merlin to make The Last Duel his next film.

The Last Duel was put up at 20th Century Fox nicely before Disney has acquired the studio. In the aftermath of this industry-shaking trade, the Mouse House left their mark on Fox’s film record, cancelling projects and shutting down studio divisions for various factors. It was seen when Disney would proceed forwards with The Last Duel. The subject matter is a far cry from their typical fare, as the story revolves around those guys accusing the other of raping his wife while he’s away at war. Fox is continuing to launch movies geared towards an older audience under the Disney umbrella (Ad Astra, Ford v. Ferrari, etc.), so, potentially, The Last Duel stays in the studio. Scott includes a fruitful history with Fox, with all the Alien franchise and The Martian as noteworthy examples. That may play into the final choice.

Regardless of where The Last Duel ends up, it certainly can be something unique. Historical epics are among Scott’s specialities as a manager, so he’d be right in his wheelhouse with this type of material. Additionally, Damon and Affleck reuniting onscreen is a monumental occasion in it of itself, including a layer of interest to The Last Duel. Their real-life friendship would arguably function to boost their performances, making the story’s tragic turns all the more dreadful. Hopefully, The Last Duel can proceed quickly.

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