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Ben Affleck says he is nervous about working on his upcoming film”The Last Duel,” to be led by veteran filmmaker Ridley Scott. The much-awaited project, based on Eric Jager’s book “The Last Duel: A True Story of Crime, Scandal, and Trial by Combat in Medieval France,” will also feature Affleck’s friend, business partner, and regular collaborator Matt Damon.

The two actors, who obtained the first screenplay Academy Award in 1998 for”Good Will Hunting,” have penned the script to the new movie and Nicole Holofcener. Talking to Entertainment Tonight, Affleck, 47, said the film has a part setting, which he hasn’t explored yet.

“I’m somewhat nervous. Since I have not completed. It is 1386, so it is similar to armour and swords and things like that. But it was a true joy working with Matt and Nicole Holofcener, who wrote the script together with us,” the actor said.

“(Matt and I) kept saying, ‘Why have we not done this more often?’ We just got lucky that our programs form of intersected so that we had some free time to talk about. We got Ridley Scott directing it. And Jodie Comer’s in the film, so that’s very exciting, and Adam (Driver),” the actor added. “The Last Duel” will probably be co-produced by Scott Free Productions and Damon and Affleck’s Pearl Street Films.

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