The Kominsky Method is an American drama-comedy series. It is created by Chuck Lorre.

The Kominsky Method Season 3 Release Date 

The Kominsky Method’s first season was released on November 16, 2018. The season consisted of 8 episodes. This Netflix original show was a big hit and received high praise from both audiences and critics. The second season of the show was released on October 25, 2019, which also consisted of 8 episodes. This season was a big hit too. The show has received a rating of 90% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Unfortunately, the show has not been renewed for season 3 by Netflix yet. This is sad news for fans. We need to wait longer for more updates. Some reports say season three of The Kominsky Method will release sometime in October 2020. Although this date could be pushed forward considering the current coronavirus pandemic which has halted all productions.

The Kominsky Method: About The Show 

The show deals with the sharp but true and real portrayal of aging.

The official synopsis of the series according to Netflix is “Acting Coach Sandy Kominsky and best friend Norman Newlander keep each other laughing as they navigate the ups and downs of getting older.”

In this show, we are introduced into the lives of the aging Norman and Sandy who try to get through their last stage of mortal life. There is always positivity amidst all odds throughout the show. Norman’s wife, who is 50 years old, dies of cancer.

The show beautifully shows the artistic skills of the characters and the cast. Individually, the characters are amazing but they perform better when they are together. They help us entertained throughout the show with laughs and emotional lows and highs.

Norman does not do too well in life after he loses his wife due to cancer while growing old age. He is scared that he will lose his mind with his age.

The show also maintains a great balance between goofiness and grief. It shows aspects like aging, friendship and masculinity along with the sentiment.

The show also gives a special place for its protagonists by giving them added weightage and more screen time.

The Kominsky Method Season 3 Cast 

The cast includes Micheal Douglas, Nancy Travis, Sarah Baker and Alan Arkin.

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