The Good Fight, an American series, airs on CBS. It is a show that revolves around legal issues.

The protagonist, Diane Lockhart, who is a lawyer is forced to start anew with her professional life as her life savings are ravaged in a scam.

The show is quite famous as it is a quirky take on the legal drama. It is a new angle and plotline that has excited fans and audiences worldwide.

The show has had four successful seasons and hasn’t failed to impress. The fans have always given enough love for the show to return again and again. In fact, show makers have been quick to introduce a new season just after the old one aired.

With four seasons having aired, fans are now, desperately hoping for a new on. So is the show coming back for a fifth season? Read on to find out!

Release Date

The show has always been consistent with the season releases. Every year since the show started airing in 2017, it has been released around April-June.

But, things are not looking that great for Season 5 as a release for 2021 cannot be expected for the stipulated time. With things getting intense amid the coronavirus infections, show makers have clearly said in a video message, that production for the fifth season cannot be expected to be picked up anytime soon.

One of them said, “Long story short, it’s going to be a good while before the team goes into production on season five, let alone airs it. They’ll want it to be completely done before presenting it before its audience next time around, which will add even more delays to the current shutdown.”

Hence, it is hard to when fans will get a glimpse of the next season.


The cast who is expected to return are:

  • Christine Baranski
  • Cush Jumbo
  • Nyambi Nyambi
  • Delroy Lindo
  • Audra McDonald
  • Sarah Steele
  • Michael Boatman
  • Zach Grenier
  • John Larroquette
  • Hugh Dancy

Expected Plot

There is no surety about what the plot will be about. However, this time, things are about to get more real as this season, will reportedly, be a major driving point in the whole plot.

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