The Elder Scrolls VI: Will It Be an Xbox Exclusive? And More Updates

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Bethesda, in particular, continues to be a prominent area of the gaming industry for decades, and also the Microsoft acquisition raises several questions regarding the sport Bethesda now has in production, such as The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield, which were officially announced at E3 2019.

Bethesda has released their matches on multiple platforms, but together with Microsoft owning the studio which could change. The big question right now, of course, is whether The Elder Scrolls VI is going to be an Xbox exclusive.

What Microsoft’s Purchase Means For The Future Of Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls series has appeared on PlayStation consoles for years now, ever since the launch of this Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. For this very day, The Elder Scrolls Online continues on PS4, Making the eventual release of The Elder Scrolls VI a tricky situation. Microsoft currently owns the rights to the Elder Scrolls in every manner, meaning the decision is entirely up to them. This early on in the process Microsoft has not commented on what is happening with Elder Scrolls VI, however, it has confirmed it’s going to honor the timed-exclusivity of Deathloop and Tokyo Ghostwire on PS5. Adding to this, however, Microsft said that future releases will probably come to other non-Xbox systems on a”case by case basis.”

This means there’s no way to know what kind of launch the Elder Scrolls VI will possess, but there are motives Microsoft could go either way. The Elder Scrolls would be a massive exclusive for Xbox, the sort of exclusive that could sell a good deal of consoles. It would make perfect sense for Microsoft to keep it on Xbox and PC because it directly benefits your company. On the flip side, The Elder Scrolls is a succession guaranteed to sell massive amounts, both on Xbox and PlayStation. As a result of this, it’s also possible to see Microsoft put Elder Scrolls VI out on both the consoles as a means to increase net sales. Realistically, the decision might lie in how both PS5 and Xbox collection X do in terms of sales. In case PS5 sales are higher than Xbox, it might make more sense for Microsoft to place Elder Scrolls VI on PS5. But if Xbox Series X sales are equally large, Elder Scrolls VI would be a fantastic exclusive to drive earnings even more. 1 possibility is that Microsoft makes Bethesda’s new IP, Starfield, exclusive while attracting Elder Scrolls VI into PS5. More than likely Microsoft’s plans will change and adapt as the Xbox Series X launches, so Elder Scrolls fans will just have to wait and see exactly what occurs with the rough next entry.

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