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The Elder Scrolls 6 is presently in development, but Bethesda has yet to disclose much about it. The setting, the story, as well as the period its put in is entirely up to speculation. It will be years before Bethesda reveals anything about The Elder Scrolls 6, but that has not stopped fans from generating concepts.

TES 6: The Dwemer

It’s no secret that, after Skyrim, the Dwemer are the most featured loose endings in The Elder Scrolls. The mystery of the Dwemer is rooted in their disappearance and there’s been no resolution through some of The Elder Scrolls games. All that remains of these is their highly-efficient technology that nobody understands or has been able to replicate because. The knowledge to construct robots, steam engines, as well as zeppelins are dropped by the Dwemer’s disappearance, dating far back.

TES 6: A Possible Story

The current trend between all of The Elder Scrolls matches is that so much every game has taken place in chronological order, barring The Elder Scrolls: Online. If this was the case then the story of The Elder Scrolls 6 would precede the Elder Scrolls: Online that occurs at the connection between the 2nd and 3rd era. This would be breaking new ground because The Elder Scrolls: Online is in the first point of this deadline that’s been shown in The Elder Scrolls franchise.

TES 6: Why The 1st Era?

There is a precedent for the Elder Scrolls game to jump around the deadline as proven by The Elder Scrolls: Online. The Battle of Red Mountain at which the Dwemer triggered the Heart of Lorkhan and due to their disappearance happened in the 1st Era. Nobody understands why tripping the Heart of Lorkhan could cause a whole race to vanish from existence and its anybody’s guess as to where they went, but investigating this ripe bit of lore would make a ton of fans contented.

TES 6: What Can Be Done?

There are a couple of ways to incorporate this scenario into The Elder Scrolls 6. The first of which would be to have the match set directly in the 1st Era, which would not only enable the player to experience or even influence the Battle of Red Mountain, but it would also enable the story to revolve around the aftermath. There could be skirmishes between the races of The Elder Scrolls matches to lay claim to the newly abandoned Dwemer strongholds and into the treasures that lay within, and it should make for an excellent open-ended story with a great deal for the player to do.

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