The Elder Scrolls 6: Should Add a Big Twist to the Dark Brotherhood

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The Elder Scrolls 6 has a big heritage to live up to if it’s likely to meet fan expectations after the massive success of Skyrim. Therefore, there are a few ways Bethesda could expand on The Elder Scrolls formulation to add more choices and roleplaying opportunities in the game without compromising the freedom of the player by pigeonholing them to certain narratives.

The Dark Brotherhood questline in The Elder Scrolls 6 could offer a fantastic opportunity to experiment with producing a more lively world and much more immersive questlines for a few key reasons that Bethesda should explore in the upcoming game.

A Dynamic Dark Brotherhood

Back in Skyrim, there is only 1 method to activate the Dark Brotherhood questline, which is by seeing Aventus Aretino in Windhelm and taking up his contract for him. Oblivion went a more dynamic but less narratively interesting route, where the participant would be visited by Lucien Lachance in their sleep if they ever murdered an innocent and got away with it.

The Elder Scrolls 6 should explore some alternative possibilities for triggering main questlines like the Dark Brotherhood’s. There ought to be different narrative-driven options from the sport for finding out about the Brotherhood. For example, not only may there be someone who was trying to summon the assassins personally like Aventus Argentino from the Innocence Lost quest, but the match could consist of texts which players may find that may lead them through doing the Black Sacrament themselves. Perhaps they could also discover a half-completed sacrament like the one in Maven Blackbriar’s home in Riften and use that instead.

Dynamic Factions

This will not merely apply to the Dark Brotherhood either, though it offers a good example. Players should be in a position to hire and fight alongside members of The Elder Scrolls 6’s other mercenary guilds, like the Thieves Guild, the Fighters Guild, along with Skyrim’s Companions (even though it’s doubtful the Companions would seem at TES6). This could allow them to fulfill some main characters more naturally in the sport, with no feeling like they’re being railroaded on a particular questline that will likely end in the passing of the guild master and also the player’s statement as their replacement.

The game will need to equilibrium implementing the liberty of this Elder Scrolls formula that fans have come to expect while also improving on the show’ writing. Making the world more dynamic could be a great means to do this, with players using more ways to make their very own tales and devise their paths through the game instead of having a particular narrative imposed on these.

The Elder Scrolls 6 is currently in development.

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