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The official plot and release date for The Dragon Prince Season 4 are yet to be released, but it doesn’t restrict the series enthusiasts from forecasting what they can see in the upcoming season. We earlier got a hint from Netflix that the fourth season would be released in May this season. However, the delay was inevitable in the wake of coronavirus pandemic.

Renewal of this Dragon Prince Season 4 was declared by Wonderstorm a couple of weeks back at Comic Con’s virtual event. Fans today do not need to worry about the future of the series. A Canada-based animation company, Bardel Entertainment Inc. will continue to co-produce with Wonderstorm from The Dragon Prince Season 4 to Season 7.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date

“We’re very excited to keep this creative collaboration with Wonderstorm and Netflix, and expand this rich world into the following four seasons. I have mentioned it before but it is truly a perfect partnership. Wonderstorm has a sweeping vision for this saga, also Bardel’s success has always come in pushing boundaries. We are delighted to go down this imaginative path with them again,” Bardel SVP of Development & Production, Tina Chow said.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Cast

The Dragon Prince Season 4 will soon see the coming of Jack DeSena to give a voice for Callum. Sasha Rojen and Paula Burrows may also understand the return to provide a voice for Ezran and Rayla, respectively. Erik Dellums, Jesse Inocalla, Jason Simpson and Racquel Belmonte may even lend their voice for as Aaravos, Soren, Viren and Claudia respectively.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Storyline

The Dragon Prince Season 4 will restart the epic conflict all and a resurrected Virden. It will continue to sail around the region of Xandie with sections of magical in a recounted world. The Sun, Moon, Sky, Earth, Stars and Oceans were the six vital Areas of the magic.

Making of The Dragon Prince Season 4 is predicted to take additional time as the planet is badly combating against the deadly coronavirus emerged from China’s Wuhan. Most of the entertainment projects were postponed and halted for an extended time.

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