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A stunning fanmade poster for The Batman calls back into The Dark Knight Returns comic book’s cover. The upcoming picture is set to reboot the Dark Knight yet again on the big screen, with Robert Pattinson donning the cowl and Matt Reeves (War for the Planet of the Apes) directing. Generation of the film came to a halt in mid-March due to this COVID-19 pandemic and had just recently started back up when, earlier this month, Pattinson tested positive for coronavirus. The celebrity has since recovered, thankfully, as well as the production, which will be 25 percent completed, has declared in full swing.

Details continue to be hard to come by regarding the movie’s plot. From sparing glimpses at the rogues’ gallery, we do know that Pattinson’s Batman will come up against Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman, Colin Farrell’s Penguin, also Paul Dano’s Riddler, who seems to be the film’s most important villain. The first trailer for the film features the Riddler’s barbarous murder of this Gotham City mayor, indicating a dark motif in accord with the Christopher Nolan entrances in the Batman movie canon.

Melbourne, the Australia-based artist, and art director Nikolai Baslajik, who moves by Kode (@bosslogic on Instagram), created this electric part of fanart. Combining digital artwork and graphic design, Baslajik often posts inventive and often humorous mockups featuring everything from Fall Guys dressed as the Avengers into Norman Reedus’s character from Death Stranding delivering an ever-elusive PS5. This particular piece captioned simply”Vengeance,” was published in celebration of September 19 as Batman Day, a yearly promotional event where DC fans celebrate the Caped Crusader.

The picture features a silhouetted Batman jump across the Gotham rooftops on a dark and stormy night, illuminated solely by a lightning attack that seems to rope right through his head. It is remarkable in its own right, devoid of color and reminiscent of film noir, but its intriguing feature is the callback to The Dark Knight Returns. The cover of this 1986 comic miniseries features comparable imagery–Batman mid-leap, appearing poised to come down on a foe with a flash of lightning silhouetting his body against a dull blue sky. Baslajik’s piece reveals Batman is almost gliding at a distance.

Less of an activity star and much more of a mysterious force, the Batman in Baslajik’s art falls in line with this character’s leadership in the upcoming movie. The Batman will guess with the protagonist as a renowned detective, including a more considerate and smart Dark Knight than we’ve previously seen in the DCEU, starring alongside combative superheroes. Fans like Baslajik are just as eager to see Bruce Wayne back to the large screen, whether he is wringing necks or wracking his brain.

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