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A brand new fan poster for The Batman supposes the Matt Reeves-directed film as a black-and-white comic book. Next year, Warner Bros. and DC Films will debut the most recent live-action version of the Caped Crusader, now played by Robert Pattinson, with The Batman. The former Twilight celebrity will be the latest in a growing list of celebrities who have chosen on the iconic role following Ben Affleck’s current iteration, who retired from the job last year. Though, Pattinson’s version of Bruce Wayne will exist in his own reality, separate from the other DCEU names, as was supported by DC Films head Walter Hamada during last month’s DC FanDome event.

The continuing coronavirus pandemic has thrown a wrench into The Batman’s manufacturing program this season. The movie was forced to shut down filming earlier this season because of the outbreak. If it resumed after a few months, it needed to again stop production because of Pattinson reportedly hammering the virus. Now, filming on The Batman is back in full swing, and this time, it’s able to finish without experiencing any more major interruptions. Regardless of the stop-and-go rhythm on the project, though, Reeves was still able to build an impressive trailer for The Batman last month, which gave fans their first real sense of what to expect from the film.

Coming off the footage shown in The Batman trailer also, DC fans have been buzzing for weeks within the film’s darker tone and unique genre influences. A new fan poster for The Batman, created by Kyle James Film on Twitter, even goes so far as to imagine the upcoming film as a full-fledged, black-and-white comic book. The monochromatic illustration brings together all the important pivotal players at The Batman, headed by Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne. Check it out below:

Based on what is known about The Batman, the black, noir vibes of this poster seem really appropriate for it, as the film gives a more offense thriller vibe than is featured in many superhero blockbusters. In the month because of the trailer’s release, The Batman has obtained some notable comparisons to memorable crime and detective films of yesteryear, such as David Fincher’s Se7en. The movie’s unique tone and style seem to be working out well for it, too, as the Reeves-directed job has managed to efficiently differentiate itself from the previous live-action films about the personality.

Particular plot details for The Batman are still being kept closely under wraps, but unlike most other superhero movie directors, Reeves has been generous in giving fans information about the movie’s narrative. For instance, it’s been verified that The Batman occurs during the second year of Bruce Wayne’s operation as Batman when the character is having a tricky time gauging if his vigilante methods are, in fact, making a positive difference in Gotham. The Batman trailer also indicates that Paul Dano’s The Riddler is going to be the principal antagonist of the narrative and that somehow, Bruce and his family members may be entangled in the very corruption that is running rampant during Gotham. That is a fascinating premise for a superhero film, one which – like this poster imagines – collections up The Batman to be both a gratifying, big-budget comic book flick and a moody, noir-tinged crime thriller.

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