The 100 is an American television series based on science and fiction. Jason Rothenberg is the director of this series. The story of The 100 series is based on the novel, named The 100. Episode 3 of The 100 Season 7 will release on June 3, 2020. It will air on the CW network at 8 p.m. ET. The name of episode 3 is False Gods. All the previous episodes of The 100 season 7 are streaming on Netflix. Episode 3 will also release on Netflix soon. However, you can watch the trailer of episode 3 online. The first two episodes gained millions of viewers. Fans are excitedly waiting for the third episode of The 100 Season 7.

Preview of Episode 2 of the 100 Season 7:

Episode 2 of The 100 Season 7 witnessed the past of Hope. Further, the character named, Octavia, was stuck in a mysterious planet. In that time, Octavia met Diyoza, a character from episode 2 in the forest. They became friends. Further, Octavia and Diyoza started to train Hope. Later, Diyoza devastated the helmet of Octavia, which was a crucial thing in her voyage. Octavia made very hard efforts to get out the planet, named Beta. Finally, she succeeds to get out of that planet. Some disciples kidnapped Octavia and Diyoza. However, Octavia accomplished to save Hope from being captured. Later, she finds a way to get out. Further, Hope returns on the Beta planet with Echo and Gabriel. Episode 3 will witness the escaping of Hope from the planet. Also, it will highlight some flashbacks.

Who Were the Casts in Episode 2 of the 100 Season 7?

Episode 2 of The 100 Season 7 revolved around three leading characters, namely, Hope, Octavia, and Diyoza. Additionally, there were many other casts in episode 2. Bob Morley worked as Bellamy Blake. Next, Marie Avgeropoulos played the role of Octavia Blake, Tasya Teles work as Echo. Further, Chuku Modu cast the role of Gabriel, Shelby Flannery was playing the role of Hope. Additionally, Eliza Taylor played the role of Clarke Griffin, Lindsey Morgan cast the role of Raven Reyes. Next, Richard Harmon, Shannon Kook and JR Bourne were also seen in episode 2.

Episode 3 of The 100 Season 7 will surely include all the characters of episode 2. The Garden is the title of episode 2. The director of episodeĀ  2 is Dean White and Jeff Vlaming is the writer. Coming to episode 3 of The 100 Season 7, Tim Scanlan is the director and Kim Shumway is the writer. The fourth episode will release after a long time.

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