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Well, well, well, at on point in time in the upcoming movie Tenet, we have the debonair British representative Neil who moves on to inquire whether their thoughts hurts or not. The part of this character was reprised by the iconic actor Robert Pattinson. Additionally, the solution to this question he asked is inevitable yes because our head hurts too bad.


This forthcoming tale throws the whole spotlight on the whirlwind of all the complications, daring all its viewers to receive their minds wrapped up around its entire idea. All this while, the story also goes on to deliver a considerable wallop on the vast screen.

Yes, this factor indicates to the fact that Christopher Nolan, who has served this whole project in the kind of a writer as well as a manager being put through a massive budget and the incredible honor of being the very first tale to grace its presence in all the theatres that will be reopening around the country.

Here are what the story of Tenet is about and the topics that it represents! It is so fitting that Tenet has been pushed over a couple of times because of this pandemic and much of the story of the show is all about how the time is precarious in addition to flexible.

The theme of the series is also, clearly, inversion, which is a way of reversing the flow of time employed by malicious people for their particular needs and even by those in the present and the ones who are present from the implicit future.

The narrative is all about an agent who goes by the title The Protagonist (the character enacted by actor John David Washington), who is recruited in the top-secret assignment and will be held to halt the third World War.

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