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“Supernatural” Season 15 finale will feature a showdown Involving the Winchester brothers and God
The brothers Might be allowed to return to the land of the Dwelling as a reward from the finale episode
Jensen Ackles Was vocal about his desire to play Dean Winchester one more time after the show wraps
“Supernatural” Season 15 finale might not feature the deaths of Sam and Dean Winchester regardless of the cast and crew falling hints of a psychological decision to the long-running CW series.

The last episode of”Supernatural” Season 15 will broadcast on Nov. 19, and among the biggest questions fans need to be answered is whether or not the Winchester brothers both survive at the end. Both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, who perform Dean and Sam, respectively, have hinted in a variety of interviews that they do not see the brothers which make it out alive.

However, with the afterlife being an integral part of the show, death might not be the conclusion of Sam and Dean’s journey.

The major villain from the”Supernatural” Season 15 finale is God himself, and the brothers might lose their lives in the practice of taking the being down. But together with Lucifer’s son Jack (Alexander Calvert) and Billie (Lisa Berry), the current incarnation of Death, with their hands, the brothers might be given a chance to return to the land of the living for a reward for rescuing the universe.

After God’s departure, Jack could replace him, and Castiel (Misha Collins) may become an adviser and father figure to the new God, based on Screen Rant’s plot forecast.

Meanwhile, a second indication that Sam and Dean may endure is Ackles’ suggestion that”Supernatural” could resume after a brief break following Season 15.

Discussing with Michael Rosenbaum about the”Inside of You” podcast, the actor said that he wishes to play with Dean Winchester once more after”Supernatural” Season 15 wraps, maybe five years later on.

“I’ve always thought that there was a possibility of five years in the future, getting the call and saying, ‘Hey, let’s perform a little short-order activity to get a streaming network and deliver it back to six episodes,’” Ackles told Rosenbaum.

“I do feel like that is not the long goodbye at this time,” he continued. “I feel like this is,let’s hang this in the cupboard for now, and we’ll dust off her down the road a little.’”

Ackles had expressed similar sentiments in August last year during the Television Critics Association press tour when he said Dean and Sam were moving away just for a while, TVLine reported.

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