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Together with the Super Mario Bros 35th Anniversary presentation today, Mario game and product reveals were in no short supply, but it didn’t stop in the Mario franchise. Other Nintendo goods are also getting in on the anniversary goods. Splatoon two, for instance, is getting an all-new Splatfest, and this time it will be between iconic Super Mario Bros power-ups that the Super Mushroom and Super Star. It is all slated to take place in January 2021.

Nintendo mentioned the upcoming Splatoon two Super Mario Bros-themed Splatfest throughout the Super Mario Bros 35th Anniversary Guide on September 3, 2020. Although only a brief aside compared to some of the additional shows, the upcoming Splatoon two Splatfest will probably be between Super Mario Bros power-ups. Can you like Super Size in the Super Mushroom or Invincibility from the Super Star? Come January, players will have the ability to throw their lot in using their preferred power-up and fight to establish which one is the super-est of all. Moreover, Nintendo will be featuring a group of products in honor of this particular Splatfest, including keychains from My Nintendo Rewards and t-shirts on the Nintendo online store to show off your love and support of one side or the other.

New Splatfest t-shirts for its forthcoming Super Mario Bros 35th anniversary Splatoon 2 event are now available on the Nintendo shops.
Splatfests have long been a cherished part of their Splatoon series, allowing players to do battle over everything from witches and werewolves into the ketchup vs mayonnaise Splatfest that recently relaunched the event after almost a year away. It was questionable whether Nintendo would follow up with further Splatfests, but the Super Mario Bros 35th anniversary party is a wonderful opportunity to do it and the subjects of struggle couldn’t be more appropriate (Mario vs Luigi would have also been okay ).

With a January 2021 window set to the next Splatfest, stay tuned to Shacknews as we anticipate further details about the event and product for it. Do not forget to check out our other policy of the Super Mario Bros 35th anniversary reveals also!

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