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The Splatoon series has always been filled with touches of comedy, and the Splatfests often capitalize on this. Many Splatfests ask players to decide between two choices which are popular memes, common humorous jokes, or other things of a humorous nature.

With this comes some very strange Splatfests, either because the winning choice ought to be obvious or because the two choices are a bit odd. The Splatoon series isn’t a stranger to being wacky, strange, and goofy, so this comes as no real surprise. Below are a few of the weirdest Splatfests, and which side won each.

10.Ketchup Vs Mayonnaise

One of the most classic and memorable Splatfests was the second to occur in Splatoon two: Ketchup headed up by Marina, vs Mayonnaise, which Pearl led. In its first beginning, Mayonnaise won, but this fest was redone recently and the victory went to Ketchup instead.

9.Chicken Vs Egg

Part of what makes Splatfests so strange sometimes is the fact that their outcomes are legally-binding. Whichever side wins becomes the official correct answer to the relevant question in the in-game universe. When Mayonnaise won in Mayo vs Ketchup, it becomes a legal fact that mayo is far better than ketchup, for example. Both Pearl and Marina have started things for this effect, such as citing official legislation that states that a Splatfest winner is legally-binding, even though it defies logic or scientific fact.

8.Gherk-Out Vs Gherk-In

This Splatfest only took place in Europe and asked the question of which can be better, a hamburger with a gherkin (pickles, for non-British citizens) or a hamburger without. Full team names were”Gherkins in hamburgers are DISGUSTING!” And”Gherkins in burgers are DELICIOUS.” However, they have been shortened to Gherkin-OUT and Gherk-IN.

7.Dexterity Vs Endurance

This Splatfest took place just in Japan and asked which was better: Instantaneous Power (Dexterity or Agility) or Staying Power (Endurance). Pearl took on Dexterity while Marina was the team leader for Endurance players.

6.Lemon Vs No Lemon

Some Splatfests inquire large, universe-altering questions, such as Chicken vs Egg or Chaos vs Order. Others, however, ask exceptionally niche and specific questions that you never knew you had a legally-binding answer to. This is the case with the Japan-only Splatfest of Lemon vs No Lemon, directed by Pearl and Marina respectively.

5.Unicorn Vs Narwhal

With some Splatfests, it’s amazing that there’s a debate whatsoever between both sides. However, they still maintain them, and at times the opposite side of everything you would anticipate ends up winning. This is how it is with Narwhal (Marina) vs Unicorn (Pearl), which just took place in North America and Oceania.

4.Money Vs Love

This proved to be a very divisive Splatfest that required the match from being a lighthearted fight between two comedic sides to being an existential question that made a lot of gamers self-reflect in uncomfortable ways.

3.Hoverboard Vs Jet Bundle

This is another instance of confusion over how one side would win over the opposite. Jetpacks are an innovative technology that will allow someone to achieve flight. Hoverboards simply allow you to hover a few inches over the ground. Jetpacks are similar to the updated version of a hoverboard.

2.Messy Vs Tidy

In the beginning, one could ask”why would anyone prefer a messy life to a clean one?” But this Splatfest was asking the question of what condition your bedroom is in. Unsurprisingly, Callie’s team, Messy, won this fest.

1.Fork Vs Spoon

Held in North America and Oceania at the second game in the series, this Splatfest inquired which utensil is significantly more practical — forks or spoons. Pearl was the leader for Team Fork, praising a forks capacity to leave more milk from the cereal bowl at the end of the day. Marina took her place at the top of Team Spoon, mentioning examples of food that a fork would not work for, such as applesauce.


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