Spider-Man 3: Release Date. Due To The Covid-19 Pandemic, Though, Filming Was Delayed.

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A new rumour suggests Spider-Man: Homesick is the title of Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures’ upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film. Last year, there was a period when it looked like Tom Holland’s Spider-Man would be exiting the MCU because of Marvel’s parent company Disney and Sony failing to strike a new deal to split the superhero. But, their disagreement over the deal was resolved, and it had been announced Spider-Man would remain in the MCU for the time being. At that time, Marvel and Sony formally announced Holland would return as Peter Parker from the untitled Spider-Man 3 and yet another team-up movie akin to his Avengers appearances.

In terms of Spider-Man 3, the film was originally intended to begin filming this summer for a 2021 release date. On account of this Covid-19 pandemic, filming was delayed. The Marvel film is expected to start production later this season, following Holland wraps filming Sony’s Uncharted movie. The Spider-Man: Far From Home followup was initially intended to hit theatres in July 2021, but before this summer it was declared Spider-Man 3 was delayed to December 2021. Now, fresh rumours point to the potential title of Spider-Man 3, which will be one of the few verified MCU movies without a formal title as of the writing.

Today, Murphy’s Multiverse reports that Marvel and Sony’s third-party Spider-Man movie will be titled Spider-Man: Homesick. As Charles Murphy points out, the movie has been called Spider-Man: Homesick by Esquire and Maxim on the magazines’ websites. Murphy goes on to record that sets for the film are being assembled in Atlanta, Georgia – where many Marvel Studios projects shoot – and it’s being referred to as Homesick. As of yet, neither Marvel nor Sony have confirmed whether Spider-Man: Homesick is the film’s official title.

It’s possible that Esquire and Maxim are employing the Spider-Man: Homesick title for a placeholder until an official title for the film is announced. In the end, Spider-Man 3 was already used by director Sam Raimi with his 2007 film, so using Spider-Man: Homesick as a placeholder would prevent confusion. Since Murphy points out, however, MCU movie titles have leaked in the past, with Avengers: Endgame being accidentally revealed by a composer who places it on their resume. Nonetheless, the Homesick title used on the place does offer additional credence to the rumour. It’s potential Homesick could be the working title, because working titles are frequently used to keep project details under wraps, but that would mean the Spider-Man 3 working title is different to what was initially reported: Serenity Today.

Even though there’s some evidence pointing to Spider-Man: Homesick being the title of Holland’s second Spidey film, we won’t know for sure until Marvel Studios, and Sony confirms it. It’s also possible Holland could affirm the title in his own way – if he understands it. The celebrity has acquired a reputation for inadvertently trapping or stripping his MCU movies. In reality, Marvel Studios has used that standing in the past, having the actor”flow” posters or titles from smart social marketing. Perhaps they will go the same path this time and have Holland affirm Spider-Man: Homesick as the title. Or, they’ll wait and show the title in the future. If Spider-Man: Homesick is not the title, it’s uncertain when the true claim of Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 will be verified.

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