Sister duo charged of first-degree murder after they stab a store security guard in Chicago

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Sisters Jessica Hill 21 and Jayla Hill 18 stabs a store security guard twenty-seven times in the Westside Chicago store. As the pandemic is taking a toll on everyone, hence all are following the safety rules. The store guard asked them to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer before entering the store.  The police officials received the order of arresting the sister duo after the incident occurred. The order came today without a bond. Both the sisters have forced the thirty-two years old security guard fighting for life in hospital. As per Karie James, a police spokesperson, the security guard is in extremely critical condition.

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As some of the latest reports, the argument between the sisters and the security guard began. After this, one of the sisters came to action. The guard asked the sisters to wear masks and use hand sanitizers before entering the store. The entire incident happened near a Snipes shore store in Lawndale. People from every corner are fighting with the pandemic fight. Wearing masks, using sanitizers, and maintaining social distancing is the only way to avoid spreading infection.

As per James, while the argument was happening, one of the sisters punched the security guard. At that time, Jessica Hill brought out a knife from her back pocket. On top of that, she concealed it in a comb and started stabbing the guard. While Jessica was stabbing him, Jayla held him by his hair. She stabbed him in his chest, back, neck, and arms.

Although the girls stabbed him many times, yet the six feet five inches man held on to the women until the police arrived. On spot, the policed arrested the sister duo. Both were taken to the nearby hospital for treating minor lacerations. Jessica and Jayla are under the charges of attempted first-degree murder. The police officials ordered that both of them should not get bail.

The judge stated about the randomness of the attacks and even heard the statements from the witnesses. The surveillance camera captured the entire incident along with the audio confrontation. Police officials immediately took the security guard to the hospital in critical condition. Doctors treated him for 27 puncture wounds. He is lucky that he did not have to go through major surgery or stitches. The court-appointed attorney mentioned that both of them suffered from bipolar disorder.  However, the guard did not approach the women before they started attacking him.

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