Who doesn’t know Sherlock Holmes, right? A common name among detectives has been in books and our minds for a very very long time.
Quite witted and clever are just some of the attributes that we can associate with this pristine example of a detective. And his sidekick John H. Watson is no less.

The pair who are more like a power couple go on their way solving crimes.

So popular are these characters that they have found their way into countless movies, television series and streaming platforms.
Benedict Cumberbatch has also been one of the people who have portrayed this character.
And needless to say, he has been quite popular. In fact, the season has already had a run for 4 seasons.

The show also bagger British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series.
So after 4 seasons, is the series coming back for more? Read on to find out.

Sherlock Holmes Season 5 Release Date

Productions have still not been taken up. With the pandemic overshadowing everything, it is hard to say when productions will start.

However, fans can expect a release sometime around 2022 or 2023. This is a long time since the show was last on screens in 2017.

Sherlock Holmes Season 5 Cast

There are few characters who will surely return to screens including Benedict Cumberbatch who plays Sherlock Holmes himself. Accompanying him will be Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson.

Apart from this, the last season also saw Sherlock sister Eurus Holmes, who was played by Sian Brooke, enter the scene.
Whether she will reprise her role is still not clear.

Sherlock Holmes Season 5: What you need to know

While there is no trailer for the upcoming season yet, there are quite a few guesses about what the next season will be.

As per reports, Sherlock’s sister will get a part in the plot as she was already introduced as a manipulator. We may see her getting a rise out of her brother. Some truths had already come out in Season 4 including the reason behind the death of ‘Redbeard.’

More truths might finally come out.

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