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movies lovers can definitely be enthused when it comes to superhero movies. But, occasionally they can find a little overexcited, which can result in a bit of trolling from some. Shazam! Manager David F. Sandberg is experiencing that right now, as some enthusiasts have already posted fake responses to his forthcoming sequel. But instead of whining about it, the manager decided to have some fun with all the fans in the best possible way.

Upon realizing that several people had posted”reviews” of Shazam! Two on film-centric social networking site Letterboxd, David F. Sandberg took it on himself to capitalize on the false praise. He did so by creating a bogus teaser trailer to the movie that incorporated the quotes. You can check the video out down below:

The Shazam Movie sequel is officially happening under the DC Studio banner!

The movie did not discourage the studio despite failing to earn a large set at the box office, and they are presently gearing up to the sequel! Yes, Shazam 2 is currently occurring, and a reveal is to create the celebrity, Zachary Levi!

Star Zachary Levy will once again surprise her role with many.

The actor revealed the theatre is expected to start sometime and generation has not influenced intensely and is on its way! Levi said that they are still writing the script and so far it is so wonderful.

In the first movies, Dr. Thaddeus ended with Siwana, defeated by Shazam along with his team of kicks. But it’s not over because the sequel does not have the celebrity. It’s none aside from a caterpillar-like creature, Mr. Mind. It appears that this time the problem is going to be doubled for the enthusiast. How will you can combat it?

Can we expect Dwayne Johnson to appear as Black Adam?

While the villain is working with another potential, another DC superhero has an excellent capacity to debut in the sequel movie. Apparently, Black Adam is rumoured to appear from the Shazam sequel. By saying that this isn’t happening from the next Shazam movie as the studio plans to create Black Adam the first independent movie But, the atmosphere has cleared. So it appears that this isn’t happening at least for the movies.

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