Second night of riot and looting breakout begins on the roads of Philadelphia between the BLM protests

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After killing Walter Wallace, 27, the riots started raging through the cities of Philadelphia. The protest of Black Life Matters started a few months back and became a matter of importance throughout America. On Tuesday night, the looters broke into the stores in Philadelphia. After the death of Walter Wallace, another black woman Karon Hylton, 20 died. She crashed into a car as DC police were chasing her on Revel scooter.

On Monday, the police killed Walter Wallace as he was carrying a knife. Philadelphia police had to open fire since they thought that he could be a threat to the locals. On Tuesday, Wallace’s lawyer claimed that his family called an ambulance for helping him with mental health. However, the police thought that he is posing threat to the locals and they open fired him.

Updates on the BLM protests in Philadelphia

The riot is now spreading in Washington and the cities of New York. Many pictures came up on Tuesday showing the restlessness of the locals due to the death of Walter Wallace. Locals are burning in the rage of revenge and are looting the local stores and outlets. Philadelphia police requested the 12, 16, 18, 19, 24, 25, and 26th district residents to stay indoors.

These particular areas are facing major violence, widespread demonstrators, and looting. Thus, the residents should come out only when necessary. A woman who was identified as Hylton’s mother was seen outside the police station on Tuesday. As the riot and protest burnt throughout the streets of Philadelphia, Washington, and New York, the White House made a new statement.

The statement stated that the protest began due to the restlessness of the war of Liberal Democrats against the police. It also stated that the Trump administration proudly stands with the enforcement of the law. Kayleigh McEnany, press secretary mentioned that enforcing a law is dangerous. Many officers gave up their life amidst their duty. The protest for the Black Lives became a burning issue in the U.S.A.

Press Secretariat also mentioned that if the facts are valid, then everyone should follow it. On Monday, police said that Walter Wallace was denying dropping the knife when the officers ordered. After that, the officers had to shoot him. However, Wallace’s parents on Tuesday claimed that the police knew that Wallace was suffering from mental issues. Earlier, police visited their house many times on Monday. Tuesday, both the local as well as state officials investigated the matter to bring transparency.

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