Rick and Morty is a sci-fi fantasy animated series.

Season 4 Episode 10

Season 4 Episode 10, titled Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri is the last episode of Season 4 of Rick and Morty. It shows the version of Beth who leaves her family behind to seek a new life.

There is also a clone of Beth created by Rick and seeing them both together shows a family dynamic where both Beths coexist and have big roles. Rick is the big loser here. He loses grip on his family even more.

One Beth is being hunted by the galaxy’s most dangerous group and we get to see the entire family fight it and save the earth. The Rick vs. Phoenix Person Fight is an amazing sequence where Rick almost dies to buy is saved by his daughters. Also, we get to see Summer and Morty bond well and save the planet from being destroyed by a huge machine. There’s an invisibility belt which they fight over and then ends up with Jerry. The post-credits feature Jerry and his small adventure with the invisibility belt.

Also, at the end of the episode, we see Rick realizing who his actual daughter is and who the clone is which makes him realize that he may be a bad father.

About The Show

Rick and Morty is an animated adult show which shows the adventures of Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith. We can see them going on adventures across galaxies and face many threats to make friends. There are concepts like time travel, space travel, teleportation, alternate realities, illusion, clones, talking animals and creatures, superhumans among many others.

It is one of the highest-rated shows and is highly appreciated for the special effects, characters and storyline.

Rick is a mad scientist who also happens to be an alcoholic. Morty is a kind, naive kid who goes on infinite adventures with his grandfather. Summer is Morty’s sister who a controversial teenager. Jerry and Beth are their parents where Jerry is shown as a weak person whereas Beth is a level- headed person.


Although Rick and Morty feature tens of characters, the main ones include Rick and Morty played by Justin Roiland; Beth played by Sarah Chalke; Jerry played by Chris Parnell and Summer played by Spencer Grammar.

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