Fan-favorite killer Joe Goldberg will be back for another season of the famous You. You is a psychological drama-thriller series.

You Season 3 Release Date

The first season of You was initially released on September 8, 2018, and then became a Netflix Original and was released on December 26.2018. The show was a phenomenal hit and the characters became fan-  favorites. The show was highly appreciated by fans and critics alike.

Before the release of the first season itself, the series was renewed for another season. The second season of You was released on December 26, 2019, directly on Netflix.

The series was renewed for another season in January by Netflix which will consist of 10 episodes. The show is set to release sometime in 2021, most probably December 26, 2021, because the previous two seasons were released on the same date. Although, this date could be pushed forward considering the current pandemic.

You Season 3 Cast

The cast of season 3 of You is expected to include Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg; Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn; James Scully as Forty Quinn; Jenna Ortega as Ellie Alves.

Although there have been no reports on new characters being included aside from the Neighbor, we can expect it to include more characters.

You Season 3 Plot

The series revolves around the life of Joe Goldberg, a guy with an innocent name and an innocent face. Joe is a sociopath stalker, who finds Beck, a beautiful girl in a library stalks her, self justifies all his actions, and in the end, puts her in a cage. Over the story, his past life, experiences, binding guilt, hidden scars and horrendous trauma is seen.

After successfully escaping the murder of multiple persons and its consequences, Joe goes to Los Angeles, finds another person. Her name is Love. She is played over by Joe. In the last few episodes, the story shifts to an even darker tone where Love is not who she looks like. The season ends with the revelation of Love being pregnant and starting a new life with Joe. Although, Joe already has his eyes on his neighbor.

We can expect season three to show us how Joe and Love’s relationship progresses with a baby on the way and how the neighbor fits into the story.

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