Patricia pleaded with her husband regarding the revealing of FBI’s breaking into Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail

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Patricia, wife of James Comey’s wife managed to convince him no to tell anything about investigating Hillary Clinton’s private mail. The conflict began during the 2016 election and as per a new book; she forced her husband to prevent the reopening of the FBI’s investigation. Comey decided to reveal about the probing on 28 October 2016.  He decided to reveal about the bureau’s probe into Hillary’s email server. It was eleven days before the day of the election. After 28 October, Hillary Clinton started losing all the battles. Everything turned out to be doom for her. Nothing mattered on 6 November that Comey absolved Clinton from any misconduct. After the election result came out, accusations came on Comey. The Democrats accused him to hand over the White House to Trump.

Patricia Comey is the only person who says that she was the only one who did not want anything bad to happen. While talking to one of the New York Times reporters, Patricia revealed that she had to plead. She had to plead so that he can clearly understand that the actions that he would be doing.

Updates on Comey and Clinton

As posted by NBC, Comey said that she could still recall the time when she pleaded in front of her husband. She said, ‘You cannot do this close to the election. You cannot do this to a candidate.’ Patricia always supported Clinton and always wanted a woman to be the president of America for very long. At the same time, she mentioned that Trump was always an existential threat to the country. Apart from that, he is also not fit enough to control the Oval Office.

Comey once visited Hillary Clinton in her Mclean, Virginia house on 27 October in 2018. She said that Anthony Weiner started making some unimaginable discoveries on his laptop. Later on, it was found that Weiner, a criminal who was under investigation. He used to send explicit messages to minors on the internet. He was having control of Clinton’s email on one of his devices. Through that device, he used to contact the girl and used to send him explicit content.

During that time, Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin was the senior aide of Hillary Clinton. Later on, the investigators found out a large number of Clinton’s emails. Among them, few were those, which the bureau investigators could not find. Due to this reason, the investigators had to close the case a few months back.

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