Science news has its way of becoming quite twisted and manipulated when released to the public. It is a definite issue when news publications try to make scientific news exciting and eye-catching for the general public. The truth is that the scientists working on advancing human lives do need attention and resources to create substantial progress and are often ignored because of the depth and knowledge required to generally understand what work is being done. There needs to be a certain way or method to publish scientific data without it being manipulated but also making it comprehensible as well.

If you’re updated with the general science news cycles, you probably have heard the parallel universe news discovered by NASA. Although the idea in itself is a massive scientific breakthrough and a mind-boggling alteration, it simply is untrue. Read ahead to find what happened and what the actual truth behind the matter is.

What is the Parallel Universe News Story?

Astronomic discovery news often involves the discovery of planets which have some sort of similarities to our Earth. The ‘New Scientist’ magazine recently published a feature on April 8 where they discussed the findings from ANITA or Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna. The experiment concerns neutrino detection in Antarctica and what it could mean by developing a speculative cosmological model. The model puts forward the idea that there is an antimatter universe extending backward from the Big Bang.

The news outlets borrowed parts of the report and sensationalized it in an effort to make it viral which was quite successful. The idea of a parallel universe is truly a sensational one and it still is just a theory in works, unfortunately. There are many who have stated that extraordinary claims such as this require extraordinary evidence to support them.

What is the Truth Behind It?

The Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna or ANITA is a high altitude helium balloon with an array of antennas maintained by NASA and also partially funded by them. The balloon is flying at an altitude of about 37000 Metres, where the antennas can detect neutrinos and hear the cosmic universe. Anomalous data was received when Neutrinos were detected coming from Earth. The neutrinos coming from the direction of the interior of Earth is what led to this massive tabloid article spectacle. So while the clickbait was not true this time, you should definitely be on the lookout for more scientific journals and read more on their publishing sites, which sometimes are behind paywalls.

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