There is great news for the fans of the series, Pandora. Developers announced on October 16, 2019, that the series is renewed for the second season. But, there is no confirmation about the exact release date. The production of season 2 started and it will release in the month of July, 2020. However, season one of Pandora did not earn many viewers. There were total of 0.72 million viewers of season 1. Unfortunately, the final episode of season 1 earned only 0.38 million viewers.

The viewers of season 1 of this series are very less in number. Additionally, the rating of this series is also unexpectedly very low. Let’s hope that Season 2 will give a massive hit. People will love season 2 and it will also earn millions of viewers.

Facts About Season 1 of Pandora Series :

Pandora is an American television series based on meteoroids and galaxy. The season of Pandora aired on the CW network. The series, Pandora Season 1, released on July 16, 2019. This entire series is set in the year 2199. In season 1, a woman loses everything in her life and tries to start her new life. She also learns to protect the galaxy from aliens as well as humans. There were a total of 13 episodes in season 1. As a result, season 2 may also comprise 13 episodes. Mark A, Altman is the producer of the Pandora series.

Who Will Be the Characters in Season 2 of Pandora?

The leading characters of season 1 will play a role in season 2. However, the leading character of the series, Priscilla Quintana, will play the role of Pandora. Further, Oliver Dench will act as Xander Duvall. Raechelle Banno will be playing the role of Atria Nine. Next, John Harlan Kim will work as Greg Li., Ben Radcliffe will act as Ralen. Further, Banita Sandhu will cast the role of Delaney Pilar, Noah Huntley will work ad Professor Donovan Osborn.

Again, Martin Bobb-Semple will be casting the role of Thomas James Ross, Tehmina Sunny will play a character of Regan Freid. Next, Tommie Earl Jenkins will act as Ellison Pevney, Vikash Bhai will play the role of Martin Shral. Lastly, Manu Benett will act as Leone Volk and Amy McPherson will take a character of Matta. There will be many other supporting characters in season 2.

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