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The deleted scene takes place after episode seven of Outlander season five when Roger (played by Richard Rankin) was hanged as a traitor in a case of mistaken identity. He luckily survived the hanging but understandably struggled to speak after the episode. Fans saw Brianna (Sophie Skelton) battle to receive her husband to start up, and in 1 cut clip, she could be seen turning to daddy Jamie (Sam Heughan) for information.

Jamie has been thrown his fair share of traumatic experience; he has been mistreated, beaten, spent a protracted amount of time in jail, and comes near death.

He also endured a 20-season separation from the love of his life, Claire (Caitriona Balfe), so it is clear Brianna would want his guidance.

She explains to him she can not get through to Roger and she’s struggling to connect. Brianna thinks Roger’s experience will mark the end of the connection, but Jamie consoles her, insisting nothing can come between them.

Brianna asks: “how can you bring someone back?”

“Roger still not taking?” Jamie replies. Brianna proceeds: “It is like he’s not Roger anymore. He can talk, he is just choosing not to. “I’ve been patient but now I gave him both barrels. I lost my temper.”

Jamie tells his daughter: “That’s the Fraser in you,” before he proceeds: “When two people love each other enough, nothing can tear them apart.

“No pain, war, death, nor time. I told your mom once,’Nothing is lost, only changed.’ “She told me it was the, uh, first law of thermodynamics. I said it was faith.” Brianna smiles back at him”It’s easier to state.” Harder to put into training,” Jamie answers. “But you must.”

Fans of the show know Brianna and Roger was able to reconnect and managed to rid themselves of Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speelers), who tried to snatch Jemmy from them.

They also chose to attempt to return to their own time, only to seek for them, “home” intended Fraser’s Ridge. Actress Sophie has teased fans there is”every more happening” in Outlander when the show returns for season six.

Speaking at Paley Fest LA last month, she explained: “I feel like in season, so much happened. “It’s almost like every incident was its little movie. It had been so fast-paced.

“It’s exciting to go back and have a lot more of the material. Thank you, Diana. Everything that could happen to an individual, Brianna has been through.

“However, I know there is even more occurring next season and it’ll be exciting to find out what is left to perform. It is always amazing and I have a feeling it’ll be an absolutely packed season.”

Outlander seasons 1-5 are available to flow on Amazon Prime now.

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