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OUTLANDER season 6 is still awaiting return to filming, but it is only one series Marsali Fraser celebrity Lauren Lyle is waiting to return series for.
Marsali has been a part of this Outlander family since season 3 if she snuck on board a boat heading to the Caribbean with Fergus Fraser (César Domboy), Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe), and Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan). She moved on to wed Fergus, and the couple has many children, with Marsali anticipating another kid as the season. Now, however, celebrity Lauren has talked about the other projects she’s working on from Outlander.

Lauren recently combined co-stars Tim Downie and David Berry in their podcast Outcasts to examine Outlander’s career and season.

Tim asked: “What is next for Lauren? Your podcast She is A Wreck, is coming to an end or has just finished?”

“It is just finished,” Lauren replied. “Therefore, I say I don’t understand what I could tell.

“I will see two things likely. Before lockdown, I had been filming a BBC series, which I can not say anything about exactly what it is or that I’m inside since I have not been declared yet.

“However, I’m allowed to say I am performing a BBC series I believe and it is completely, completely different to Outlander. It has been wonderful.”

“I have asked the tiniest role possible and they have tried their best to negotiate that for me personally,” Lauren joked.

“It is pretty great. She’s badass again but distinct. Very contemporary.

“We needed to put that on hold as everybody else did with filming anything.

“I will be getting back to filming that shortly, which is lovely to finish off that, ideally at the end of the season.

“Afterward, the podcast, yeah, she has been my pride and joy for the past couple of months. I have been working for a long, long time and was not quite prepared to place it out once we did.

“However, then lockdown happened, and it only felt like the ideal time, and that I was like,’Oh, we will just do it.’

“Truly, it was the ideal thing to do since some astonishing girls popped up to interview for this.

“It was amazing and so much larger and much better show one than I anticipated.”

Meanwhile, earlier this season, Lauren teased what is in store for Marsali and Fergus if Outlander yields, and it appears they face a challenging moment.

Outlander Season 6

She advised TV Line: “We have not got into the particulars of the following season just yet.

“César [Domboy, who performs Fergus Fraser] annoys me.

“I am taking a look at a text from him because we talk continuously, and we are always in contact.

“We talk, I believe, on the telephone virtually daily, and so we are always discussing it.

“We love the fact they’re one of the only couples that don’t fight that much, and we do not argue that far. I mean, there are things I can not speak about.

“I really do know some things will happen with them next season that is very much them collectively, so that will occur, but it is going to be an entirely different scenario to what you have seen them in earlier.”

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