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On my block, year 3 ended in a cliff-hanger, and so the fans are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the following season. However, to the disappointment of fans, Netflix has not announced a release date for the new season. Judging from the launch of previous seasons, there are speculations that season 4 will start mid-2021 if productions occur without delay. On my block has a broad viewership on Netflix. Netflix had also mentioned they would be happy to work together with the team. This further verifies the renewal of On my cube season 4.

The series first published on March 16, 2018, and has been created by Lauren Lungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, and Jeremy Haft. The first languages are Spanish and English


Season 1 revolves around the connection between Monse and Cesar. Cesar is revealed as a playboy in the first period where he dates Olivia shortly after his separation with Monse however, it does not last. Ruby has feelings for Olivia but sadly, fate was not in their favor. Season one finishes with Olivia being shot dead.

The next season continues out of here and also we see the same pattern being followed. The teens get into trouble and also the final scene shows them all being kidnapped.

Season 3 On my cube finished with a great deal of suspense. Season 4 will reveal the answers to all the questions and bring in more trouble. The show includes betrayal, love, and problems that the teenagers enter. And it’s well worth the wait.


There have not been any official details about who’ll a part of the new season. However, the Identical throw from previous seasons are expected to return

Sierra Capri as Monse
Diego Tinoco as Cesar
Jason Genao as Ruby
Brett Gray as Jamal
Jessica Marie Garcia as Jasmine
Julio Macias as Spooky

Release Date

There has not been any confirmation from Netflix about the launch of year 4 of On my block. But, we can confirm there are strategies for a renewal since the previous year ended with a lot of suspense which left the lovers eagerly waiting for another part. The fantastic news is, a lot of trouble is on the road, and it will be well worth the wait.

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