The lives of teenagers are often filled with complex and angsty thoughts and misunderstood feelings which lead then down unfortunate paths. The basis of our formative years both physically and mentally take a toll on us and leave us dumber than a bag of potatoes. It doesn’t help when all you can think about during that time is romance and making love. The world of teenage love is often penned down by people who have a deep nostalgic love for their pasts and want a story to have a happier ending than the truth ever does.

What is ‘Normal People’ About?

Normal People is the best-selling novel written by Sally Rooney and has been adapted into a TV Series by BBC Three and Hulu. The show revolves around the romantic escapades of Connell and Marianne, two Irish teenagers who live in the same town in Ireland. Their lives get interwoven as they get into a relationship. Their home lives are tough and complicated which causes strains in their relationship causing them to weave in and out of love for each other.

Marianne is an oddball among her friends but has an exceptional academic capability which makes her a target at home for resentment from her brother Alan and her irritable mother Denise. It is also revealed further that her father who is deceased was a domestic abuser. Connell is a high-achieving student-athlete who plays football and lives with his single mother Lorraine. Marianne’s affluent family employs Lorraine as a cleaner.

Who is Starring in ‘Normal People’?

Daisy Edgar-Jones plays the role of Marianne Sheridan and Paul Mescall plays the role of Connell. They have both become famous for their talented portrayal in the TV adaptation of the book Normal People. Aislin McGukin plays the role of Denise and Lorraine is played by Sarah Greene. Frank Blake plays the role of Marianne’s brother Alan.

Is ‘Normal People’ Coming Back for a Second Season? 

There is no news as of yet about the renewal of the show ‘Normal People’ for a second season, but the cast has said that they would love to come back to work on a future special for the show where they talk about the two teenagers 10 years down the line. The series has been true to the book in almost all details except for Connell’s decision of going to college. The book leaves the decision in the hands of the reader.

The crew has already moved on to working on another show ‘Conversation With Friends’, so another season seems unlikely in the near future. If another season does happen, it will break new ground with the story as the first book ends with the show and does not have a sequel yet.

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