Noragami is a Japanese television Manga series. Adachitoka is the writer as well as producer of the series. However, the two previous seasons became notable and earned millions of viewers. Fans are excitedly waiting to watch season 3 of the series, Noragami. Additionally, there are a total of twenty-one volumes of the series.

Season one of Noragami series released on January 5, 2015, and ended on March 23, 2014. Further, there were a total of twelve episodes in season one. After that, the producer made an announcement about the renewal of season one. And, season two released on October 5, 2015. However, it ended on December 25, 2015. There was one additional episode in season two than season one.

What Is the Release Date of Season 3 of the Series, Noragami?

Coming to the release date of season 3 of Narogami, there is no official announcement about the exact date. Fans of this series are eagerly waiting to watch season 3. The two previous seasons became the most-watched anime series. Season 3 will not release this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is expected to release at the beginning of the year 2021. Also, there is no news about the progress of the production and the filming.

Who Are the Characters Playing the Role in Season 3 of Noragami?

As this series is an anime series, the voices that appeared in the previous series will be seen in season 3. There are three leading characters in this series, namely, Iki Hiyori, Yato, and Yukine. Iki Hiyori is a school going girl and travels between the world Hiroshi Kamiya will voice the character, Yato. Next, Maaya Uchida will voice Hiyori Iki. Lastly, Yuki Kaji will voice the character, Yukine. Further, there are many other characters.

What Will Be the Plot of Season 3 of Noragami?

Again, there is no idea about the plot of season 3. But, fans can expect several twists in season 3. The storyline of season 3 will continue, where the plot of the previous season ended. In season 3, fans will get to know about the dark past of the main character, Yato. Additionally, fans will be able to know his real identity. Also, season 3 will explore the relationship between Yato and his father.

There is no official trailer of season 3. But, it will release soon. The previous seasons are now dubbed into English and fans can watch then on Hulu. Let’s hope that this season will also achieve great success. It will surely touch the hearts of many viewers.

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