The struggle of power is an eternal one, doomed to destroy whatever forces seek to attain it. Everyone is struggling and demanding for their voices to be heard. The world yearns for balance but yet it is rattled with unrest and the war for equality has been raging on longer than was ever necessary. The equality amongst sexes has always been a controversial topic and has led to many heated debates and it has even caused pure rage-filled animosity in some people. The conversation is never easy because each side has its own belief which they will go to the ends of the Earth to follow through them.

The patriarchal society has been at war with women and men demanding equal rights for both sexes. It has constantly been putting down the women treating them as second-class citizens and sometimes much worse. It is a shocking testament to see how far someone will go and what kind of acts they will perform to have the people think that they are right.

Mrs. America takes this war and displays the sides at war and the characters at play fighting to either take down the Equal Rights Amendment or get it passed through Congress. There have always been women supporting against the Equal Rights Movement and shocking as it is, they had many followers in women. Some in an effort to gain political power demonized the movement against those demanding the rights. They actively victimized the women who were housewives stating that the movement was against what they stood for.

Who is the cast of Mrs. America?

The show being a miniseries was the way the showrunners were able to get their studded cast with Cate Blanchett as Phyllis Schafly. Rose Byrne is another popular actress who plays the role of Gloria Steinem. We also see Sarah Paulson in the miniseries as Alice Macray. The star-studded cast are only admittedly able to work with a miniseries because it allows them a relatively more free schedule afterward.

Mrs. America: Is There A Season 2?

FX was the initial show creator who ordered it to be created back in 2018. It was announced that the show will premiere on Hulu instead of FX in November of 2019. The now miniseries released on April 15, 2020. For Indian viewers, the show is streaming on the new Disney+ Hotstar streaming service. It arrived there a day later for Indians to stream. The show has received a widely positive review amongst fans and critics. It boasts an amazing 95% on Rotten Tomatoes after just its first season. Here is the trailer of the first season.

The show seems likely to be able to continue with its major cast except for the now-dead Schafly. There is more of the story that FX is able to go with using the other characters. The creators would love to take the show for a longer story but are unsure that their cast will commit to the length of the show. There is no news as of yet of the renewal or cancellation of this show, but we are sure to hear more about it, once the lockdown is over and the creators at FX get back to working once again.

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