What Is the Reason for the Fire in Minneapolis 3rd Precinct?

As the protest of the people in Minneapolis continues, they set the 3rd precinct of a police station on fire. However, the people continued the protest for the last three days. And, on Thursday, they set the 3rd precinct on fire. Protesters climbed up to the top of the 3rd precinct of police statin and fired it. The reason for the protest was the death of George Floyd. The police of Minneapolis arrested George Floyd and unfortunately, he died on Monday.

After his death, people started protesting in the United States. They went violent for the last three days. Finally, yesterday they set fire on the police station. Before the death of Floyd, he told the police that he is having difficulty in breathing. But, the police officer, named, Derek Chauvin put his knee on the neck of Floyd. As a result, Floyd stopped moving and lost his breath.

What Was the Reason for Arresting George Floyd?

According to the police of Minneapolis, Floyd was the person, who made a fraud at the grocery store. However, there was no confirmation that the person who made fraud was Floyd. But, the police of Minneapolis arrested him. Floyd was black and the police officer, Derek Chauvin treated him brutally. People protested against the arrest of George Floyd. This shows how white people in the United States treat black people.

George was an African-American man, with a black complexion. The people in the United States still witness discrimination on the basis of racism. George was a security guard at a Latin American restaurant. The customer of the restaurant, named, Jessi Zendejas, told that George was a kind-hearted person and he would greet every customer coming to the restaurant humbly and politely. Also, one of the classmates of George said that he earned a nickname in his high school, named, “Gentle Giant”.

Coming to George Floyd’s life, he was arrested in the year 2007 for robbing. Later, in the year 2009, he was imprisoned for five years. Later, he worked as a security guard for the restaurant in Minneapolis.

The situation in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd:

After the death of George Floyd, people in Minneapolis became very aggressive. They continued their protest for three days. Additionally,  the head of the Minneapolis Department of Police, Jacob Frey, fired the four police officers, namely, Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, and J. Alexander Kueng. The investigation of these four police officers will be done soon.

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