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Megalo Box‘ is a Japanese anime television series directed by Yō Moriyama. This series was really made in the remembrance of this 50th anniversary of this manga Ashita no Joe. The first season was released on 6 April 2018, which ran for 13 episodes and ended on 29 June 2018. It was simulcast on Crunchyroll while the Viz Media was accredited for its British release from the United States on Toonami from 8 December 2018.

Megalo Box Season 2 Release Date:

Post its release in 2018, and the show received massive appreciation from enthusiasts. While the fans had been hoping to get a second season, TMC Entertainment surprised them by announcing during NYC 2019, that seeing the positive and warm response from the audience, the second season is already under production. It’s also noted that the next season is going to be set seven decades after of the first season narrative. Director Yō Moriyama further confirmed the next season’s reports by stating,” I know that there’s plenty of love regarding Megalo Box and I am very happy about it. I am also very happy to state Megalo Box 2 is in development and we definitely wouldn’t want to disappoint the fans. I am very much looking forward to it.” Producer Moriyama further added by saying,”There is not much I can say at this point. I am really trying to give out a very different angle compared to the first Megalo Box. So I think we can give fans something that’s beyond their expectations.”

Megalo Box Season 2 Cast

When following an episode will get Junk Dog challenged by a leading Megalo Boxer to fight him in Megalonia, the biggest Megalo Boxing platform, matters take a cast in his lifetime. The show unveils after the trip of Dog, who, with his coach’s help, competes with many boxers to achieve his objective of being the best for reaching Megaldonia.

Megalo Box Season 2 Plot

Megalo Box is set up in a futuristic setting where the licensed citizens are settled in the wealthy cities, whereas the unlicensed citizens live in the outskirts of the town in slums. Yet, the one thing keeping joint to both is ‘Megalo Boxing’, a rather popular game that is comparable to boxing aside from the difference that the players fight to wear a metal frame that enhances the user’s physiological capabilities hence making their attacks more fatal. The protagonist, Trash Dog, was fighting illegal and fixed games on the command of his coach Gansaku Nanbu.

Although the last release date has yet to be declared, it has been speculated that Megalo Box or Megaro Bokusu in Japanese could be all set to release someplace in October 2020.


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