The disappearance of people is news that is certainly slightly uncommon but the news of them reappearing is definitely rare. There are a few cases of people reappearing after decades but what happens to the people when they come back is a question of some remarkable complexity.

The passengers of Flight 828 were presumed to be dead when no communication was radioed back. The mysterious event although did not have an unfortunate end as we soon realize when the passengers reappear within society. The passengers are flummoxed to see that the world has aged five years since they’ve been gone and its not the only mystery that surrounds them as they get back to living in society. They can hear mysterious voices that guide them and lead them to uncover a deeper plot.

The Montego Flight 828 from Jamaica to New York City faces some turbulence along its journey. But what sets it apart is that when the flight lands the passengers have to face the shocking fact that time has skipped ahead five and a half years. The passengers and crew now need to readjust within society and reaccustom themselves with their families who have changed drastically. It is a definite one to have on your watchlist and if all goes well post the lockdown, we can expect to see the show have its story told in its entirety.

Manifest Season 3: When Is It Releasing?

The cast and crew have been talking lots about the NBC show Manifest about the return of the show. The creators have definitely got plans for more episodes. You only need to wait for the official go-ahead from NBC. When the show ended in February it took about two months for the announcement for the show’s renewal. We can expect the announcement to come sometime next month. The showrunner Jeff Rake announced a six-season plan for his show. He said that the show is ready to go into much complex depth with its storyline and will explain some of it’s more mysterious parts of the lore. There is already a well-formed idea in the minds of the creators regarding the third season.

We are still awaiting news from the showrunners because of some backroom talks that might be happening between the studio houses regarding the fate of this show. We can expect the news of renewal once the terms and negotiations have been agreed upon by the producing studios.

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